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12-27-11, 11:12 PM
Just wanted to share my experience so far, perhaps it will help others in the market for a V who are undecided make up their minds.

In short, I'm loving the car, a 2012 CTSV Wagon, but not so thrilled with the brand or my dealership at this point.

Found the closest (and only convenient) dealer over the internet in San Jose, CA, negotiated a fair price $500 over invoice, was told "6-8 weeks, hopefully closer to 6". I got my car in about 10 weeks. The only updates I got during that wait were from an unofficial internet site which I found through google, and by calling and repeatedly emailing my sales rep. Typical turn around time was 2-4 days on a request for an update. Nothing pro-active except the final email notifying me it was at the dealership. Prior to the order and deposit, most calls and emails were replied to in <24 hours.

As for fit-and-finish, after driving the car home, I noticed one of the rear interior panels by the tiny back window was misaligned. Not just slightly different than the other side, but so far out of whack the back of it was visible through the window from outside the car. Can't get it tinted until this is fixed. Called and was told this could be fixed easily, just make an appointment at my convenience.

The next day is when I first noticed the smell, sort of a burning oil thing inside and outside the car, once it was up to temp, and even in the garage hours after parking. Apparently it's normal for these cars, but I emailed to verify with the dealer, just so I wasn't ignoring anything out of the ordinary. He confirmed it, and said it should go away in 300-400 miles.

A few days later I tried to hook up my iPod. It only played through the right side speakers unless I jiggled the wire connection. Stopped by the dealer, got a replacement connection, but same issue, so it's the jack, not the wire.

I told the service rep, and at the same time made an appointment for 8am a few days later for the connection and to reposition the interior panel, was told they shouldn't take long since I'll be there first in line for the day. I arrived 10 minutes early, but it wasn't ready for 3 hours. And that was not to fix anything, just to tell me they needed to order parts and I would need another appointment. And they had no record that I had already tried a new dongle and I should have told them. And since they were replacing the panel which contains an airbag (with explosives to open it in a collision) it can't be shipped except via ground. From across the country. So once they have an ETA for those parts, they will call so I can arrange another service visit, probably an all-day one.

As a topper, on the way home I noticed a large set of black grease fingerprints on my headliner. Not even by the panel where someone was working, but up by the driver seat where somebody was just climbing in or out with dirty work gloves or hands. I turned around and drove back, the dealership apologized and had it cleaned, and said if any mark was still visible after it dried they would order a replacement headliner.

Today I noticed that the GPS has stopped giving voice directions. It still shows on the screen, and the config option for voice directions is enabled, and if you hit the repeat button it will say it, but just punching in the directions results in only on-screen instructions.

I am hoping this is just exceptionally bad luck, and things will even out soon.

No car is perfect, and some new teething pains aren't unusual...but it's essentially the same car as 2009 and these types of problems should have been caught at the factory by quality control before it shipped to the dealership.


ruby 1
12-28-11, 01:40 AM
I'm sorry to hear of your problems. I have 375 miles on my 2012 automatic with all options and no problems at this time. Hopefully your dealer will fix yours. Then smooth sailing the rest of the way.

12-28-11, 07:34 AM
The navigation issue could have been intermittent, the headliner thing though, that's unfortunate, however imo it sounds as if they handled the situation perfectly, clean to 100% or replacement-- FYI a headliner is NOT cheap.

Was this an Ipod or an Iphone? The iphone 4 with OS5 has had issues with the car's infotainment and I know the dongle with mine isn't the best in the world either.

No car is perfect, and some new teething pains aren't unusual...but it's essentially the same car as 2009 and these types of problems should have been caught at the factory by quality control before it shipped to the dealership.

Agreed, I've noticed at least a few things that should have been caught at the factory by QC. Think about how annoyed you'd be if you were looking at something like this on your driver and passenger door hinges and driver side fender. I'm not even going to bother with the fender after the attempts on the hinges and rear bumper for color matches..

The problem is, the V is built on the same CTS line as all the others, so we get base CTS quality inspections on a line that's pumping out a lot of volume. This is one area where the Germans 1up cadillac; AMG, M and RS cars have their own seperate lines so that these issues are caught more often, and build quality and assembly tend to be better, infact the indivudal E34 M5's were built completly by a single team per car and it was said the inspectors could pick out which team did the assembly due to the different nuances of the car. . That's not to say the folks at Lansing do a poor job, maybe the problem is they did do their job but these problems were considered pre-delivery dealership QC fixes instead of factory ones.. who knows.

12-28-11, 10:00 AM
It may be a Cadillac but it still is a GM product - good luck with the dealership

12-28-11, 12:14 PM
How many miles were on it when you got it?

Cadillac Cust Svc
12-28-11, 12:29 PM
I apologize for your frustrations. When you purchase something you just want to enjoy it-not go through hassle to get it the way it should have been at purchase. I know with vehicles there will be some 'hiccups' but some of them should not have happened. Is the dealer taking care of these issues for you? Keep me posted. If you have any comments, questions or concerns please feel free to send me a PM.
Cadillac Customer Service

12-28-11, 06:51 PM
I think the factory needs to do a better QC job before sending a car out the door. I had different door panel trim pieces on the driver side over the passenger side. Someone made a mistake and put a silver base CTS bezel instead of the piano black piece on the passenger side exit button. It's really no big deal, but a hassle having to take the car in for something so minor. That is something you could clearly see and it was sent out of the factory just the way I got it. Plant manager needs to get his inspecting team to be a bit more meticulous. Hopefully on the next gen CTS, they will pay closer attention. Cadillac needs to have world class quality control, not just old school GM quality control when a car leaves the factory.

12-29-11, 07:01 PM
I can agree with this.

In a little over 6 weeks of ownership and 3300 miles (yep i drive a LOT) I have had the following issues:

TPMS Error causing front drivers wheel to not read.

Carpet by drivers side dead pedal coming up (had to take this to the dealer twice since the first time it didnt stay down)

Radio buttons on the steering wheel went dead (an entirely new steering wheel is presently on order to remedy this).

Ill be honest, I still love the car, but I'm getting a little worried about how its going to age.

12-30-11, 08:03 AM
I wouldn't be the least bit worred . The V2 uses parts content with the regular CTS for all the eletronics stuff, and they've proven to be reliable vehicles thus far(if anything parts are plentiful, and most importantly; cheap). The only V2 specific bits left are the go-fast parts which are all bullet proof pieces of engineering from top-tier manufacturers that are also used in a wide variety of cars (the 6 and 4 pot brembos are used in practically every modern kind of sports super and hyper car these days). If I had something to worry about, it would be interior eletronics and the typicall BS stuff associated with a luxury vehicle. Though, all luxury cars, be it a 5 series A6 or E-class, have these kinds of problems. We don't have 1-off engine and trans designs or the such like those in say, any of the M-cars, or hyper-car derived mills like the lambo twin turbo V10 in the RS6, we have one of the most mass-produced engine designs in the world behind a good old-fashioned manual or TC auto.

It's no exxageration to say, the V1 and V2 will be running, and running well, LONG after it's competition has been retired to garage queen status because parts (if they're even avaliable) are too expensive to keep them running

01-04-12, 03:28 PM
Follow up:
* voice nav has been working consistently for last week at least, will wait and see.
* iPod wiring harness replaced by dealer, working now through all speakers.
* interior panel alignment issue still there - they replaced the smaller rear quarter panel, said they found a broken clip, but the panel still shows through the side window from outside. They offered to replace the entire headliner if I make a 4th appointment, but said it was a very major job, and I'm not sure I want to go there. In his words they need to "take apart the car and put it together again." Going to get the windows tinted, and if the tint is dark enough, and can stick well enough on the dot matrix, hopefully it won't show, and I'll just have a $70k "super car" with a misaligned interior. Builds character.
* As a bonus, there were some greasy fingerprints near where the work was done again. Lighter this time, but found them easily before I left the dealership this time.
* And they advertise a free wash and vacuum during service visits, but they forgot to vacuum. /shrug no biggie. Service manager noticed it when I was examining my car after returning the loaner, asked for the keys and drove it back to detailing to be finished while I waited. And then we both forgot to transfer the key back to me, so I drove off with the engine running but no key. That's on me, mostly.
* And from drop off to pick up for my interior trim issues, the car somehow got a little over 4 miles on the odometer. Will mention this next visit.
* burning smell has lessened but is still noticeable at 675 miles
* clutch shudder is slightly better than 2 weeks ago, much better than when I took delivery, will wait and see.

New issue (probably just a bug with car or phone, not a failure specific to my hardware):
* Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone paired with bluetooth. Made a call with car off, sat down in car and started engine while talking and it flipped the phone into voice dial mode, so every syllable I said into the phone was turned into a beep to dial, even though I was already connected.

New discoveries (boo hoo)
* Although the car is bluetooth, it is not stereo streaming A2DP so can't play internet audio from the bluetooth phone over bluetooth, need to hook it up to aux port in place of iPod. Ordered a 3.5mm stereo splitter with 6" wire leads to avoid constantly plugging and unplugging things into the aux port, so it doesn't need to get replaced again. Don't see a way to stop iPod playback when I want to listen to phone short of unplugging it, but to avoid hardware wear and tear I will just make a silent mp3 "song" and set it to repeat playback from the iPod when listening to Pandora, etc. from the phone.
* If you start the car with the key then set it aside (say in your jacket or if you are transferring drivers like I did), you can drive off without the key with no warning. However at your destination, after you turn off the engine, you will get the warning that no key is detected. A little late at this point. Luckily for me I drove straight home and had the 2nd key handy. User error, but for comparison BMW button start assumes you didn't mean to do this and starts beeping as soon as you put it in gear without the key inside the car.

Good News
* Had a pulley upgrade and cold air intake installed, and car is noticeably faster, engine sound is much more wooshy.

01-04-12, 07:06 PM
I apologize for your frustrations. When you purchase something you just want to enjoy it-not go through hassle to get it the way it should have been at purchase. I know with vehicles there will be some 'hiccups' but some of them should not have happened. Is the dealer taking care of these issues for you? Keep me posted. If you have any comments, questions or concerns please feel free to send me a PM.
Cadillac Customer Service

Thank you for the apology, Breanne. Good to know Cadillic is watching real-world experiences.

Not much you can do at this point for me personally unless you can send out spiffs like jackets, shirts, floormats, etc., but I'd suggest broad changes to final inspections and proactive repairs that might be more expensive but would greatly improve the new owner experience. Mechanically it's been sound, the dealer seems to be doing their best given what they say are GM's service rules and standards, and it's great fun to drive, but fit-and-finish so far have been well under my previous BMW 3 series, which cost $25k less.

In my case I've had a multitude of issues as noted, but it wasn't just that they were faults, but that I am having to make multiple service trips to get them resolved. Specifically:

iPod playback issue:
- visit #1, new dongle, no appointment, quick and easy but made no difference
- visit #2, appointment, inspected the issue, no parts in stock (if it wasn't the dongle, what did they think it would be?)
- visit #3, appointment, parts delivered and installed, issue resolved

Panel alignment issue:
- visit #1, appointment, tried adjusting existing panel, no difference, had to order parts to continue
- visit #2, appointment, parts delivered, installed, but no difference, additional parts must be ordered to continue
- visit #3, pending

I realize they can't have 10 of everything in stock, but it's frustrating to have to repeatedly take time away from vacation or work to drop the car off, wait in their lobby, or transfer kid car seats from my new car to the loaner repeatedly for the same issues as they troubleshoot one step at a time.


How many miles were on it when you got it?

It had 7 miles on it when I left the lot. According to the dealer that was the bare minimum for manufacturing, testing, delivery work, and a trip to the gas station for a fill up. I picked it up the day after it got off the delivery truck, so it didn't get ragged on for 100 miles of WOT test drives.