: 2001 Seville SLS Automatic Suspension Stability System

12-27-11, 08:44 PM
When we back out of the driveway the steering tightens so much its almost impossible to turn the steering wheel. This problem is intermittent. When this occurs the Service Stability System light comes on and a bell chimes.

12-29-11, 06:10 PM
Go up to the Seville/Eldorado forum and, on the first page at the top of the threads there is a "sticky" post titled "How to pull codes" using your car's built-in trouble code reader/scanner system. Study the sticky, get any codes from the system memory, return to the sticky to open the link with "obd2" in the address, go through the opened Master Index of trouble codes, decipher any of your found codes and post it all here - or start a new thread up in Seville with reference to this one.

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