: Recaro sports seats becoming squeaky Fromme

12-27-11, 11:27 AM
Happy holidays to everyone,

I'm very close to leasing a CTS-V coupe. At a minimum it will have a six speed manual and the Recaro sports seats. I think it was Motortrend which bashed the interior and especially the Recaro sports seats. According to it, the seats squeaked horribly after just a few thousand miles.

As anybody had that problem? Unlike many others, I view having a car like this a privilege and thriving year-round. Therefore, it will acquire some miles. I definitely want the Recaro sports seats as I like to attend at least one high performance driving school, if not two per year.

Any comments would be much appreciated.


12-27-11, 12:12 PM
I'm having the whole backrest frame replaced on wednesday because of a nice squeak that presents it'self often. In my case however I believe it's being caused by a broken side bolster since I heard a loud pop one day and noticed since then the left bolster is more 'flat' than the right side. Beyond that there are other problems and I've noticed in the threads that there are-- that other people have some squeak complains. The overwhelming concensus though is that they're still good to get. I would be more worried about them being comfortable for extended periods before about them making noise, because the whole car doesn't quite have Maybach assembly quality. it will always have one or two rattles.

12-28-11, 09:14 AM
Mine are still quiet after 2 1/2 years.

12-28-11, 12:50 PM
thanks for getting back to me. At least it appears that some issues can be repaired. The reply after yours is very helpful. Overall, I find the car to be very awesome. I am coming out of my third M3, a 2008 sedan six speed manual. it was a very good car overall, especially it to driving schools. I previously had an E46 3 with the SMG which was fun at the track but problematic otherwise. My first M3, a five-speed E 36, was awesome. Unfortunately, I never took it to a driving school.

My fear is of course that since these cars were so well put together (although many complaints have arisen in the last few years) I might regret getting into the CTS-V coupe. However, all things considered, particularly its performance versus value equation, and the fact it is the best looking car on the road in my opinion, it seems the way to go.

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thanks so much for getting back to me. Reassuring.

I see you have the six speed manual. How do you like it? I am going for one as well. I saw on the forum where earlier models, perhaps yours, had a somewhat long throw. Apparently, the 2011-2012 models have a much shorter throw.I recently mastered the heel toe concept. In my boring life it is the closest I come to "living on the edge." I plan to take the car to 1-2 driving schools per year.

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12-28-11, 12:51 PM
Mine have squeaked on the drives side since day one. It sounds like a rubbing spring or something inside the seats. The seats also creak from what sounds like the mounts when going around a turn. I'm around 190lbs so I don't think that I'm outside the acceptable weight range. I need to get this in to the dealer to look at, but I hate being without the car for multiple days while they figure it out.

Cadillac Cust Svc
12-28-11, 02:02 PM
I am glad that you are getting this issue taken care of! Keep us updated whe you get your ride back!
Cadillac Customer Service

12-28-11, 04:52 PM
Over 50,000 miles and my seats don't squeak. Furthermore, they are very comfortable on long trips. If the standard seats in the "V" are similar to what is in an SRX, I wouldn't be able to tolerate them. I found myself wishing for side support in an SRX loaner.


12-31-11, 04:46 PM
Jim, I love my stick. The throws are no longer than my E34 M5 had, and probably a bit shorter. Skip shift almost never happens, so really a non-issue for me. The pedal set-up makes it difficult for me to heal and toe on the street, but with the brakes warmed up on the track, it becomes a cinch. I discovered this at the CTS-V driving event at Road Atlanta, after discussing the issue with John Heinricy, who was there. The V probably won't handle quite as well as an M3, as it weighs a lot more and is bigger. However, it will pull out of corners and up hills better, and the brakes are probably stronger and more fade free than the BMW's, so your times may be similar if they are all stock comparisons. The V is more comfortable and luxurious as a daily driver, though, and will be more restful on the way home from the track. Make sure you try the Traction Control in Competitive Mode and the shocks in Sport for the track or other sport driving; it really transforms the steering and suspension control to M3 levels.

12-31-11, 04:58 PM

Appreciate all your thoughts. I just entered into what I call a "handshake" deal. I couldn't find any CTS-V coupes six speeds without a sunroof. so I have a deal assuming the incentives hold up. As far as heel toe shifting, I had a C6 Corvette and found a gas pedal for heel toe shifting at Ultimate Pedals. If I knew how to add an attachment, I would attach the drawing of the pedal I am going to order from it assuming I get the car. If you want to p.m. me your e-mail address I will forward the e-mail with the attachment.

I don't expect the car to handle quite as good as the M3; however, I think it will be fun nonetheless. From everything I have read about the steering feel and shocks, as well as the brakes, I suspect it will be rather awesome on the track.

Happy holidays to you,


CTS-V Dragon Wagon
01-01-12, 09:20 AM
I just picked up an '09 CTS-V last week, which has the standard seats. I already don't like the lack of side bolsters on the seat. What would a Recaro made for the CTS-V cost to have it put in? Doesn't have to be new, but in good condition. I would consider other seat options, too, as long as there are very good bolsters and lateral support, along with the creature comforts of several power settings. Recommendations?