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12-26-11, 11:13 PM
Ok i cleared out front drains in sunroof. where are,if there is any, rear drains and how do i clear them out?

12-26-11, 11:58 PM
There are four drains in total. These typically connect to each corner of the sunroof assembly. The front drain tubes run down the 'A' pillar and exit between the door hinges on the body. The rear drain tubes run down the 'C' pillar and exit by way of a pass-through (rubber grommet) in the trunk (along side a wiring harness) to the exterior. Usually you can use a fairly low source of pressurized air at each drain opening in the roof (with the glass open) and blow any debris through. Use of high pressure air isn't recommended as it may cause some joints in the drain tube to separate.

12-27-11, 12:41 AM
Poke weed whacker string down the drains.

12-27-11, 01:06 AM
the thing is i cant locate the rear drain holes to clear in the roof. haven't tried to locate the exit

12-27-11, 02:09 AM
You can access the exit from inside the trunk. You'll have to remove the left and right carpeted trim panels. You'll see in the picture below there is a little blue plug. My STS doesn't have a sunroof so this plug seals the drain. In yours, it will have a tube connected to it. I've been through all the sunroof problems with my Bonneville (GM uses the same drain strategy, etc with it). On the other side of this pass through you'll just find a small nib that the water will drip from onto the ground. There is no need to remove the pass-through from the body. You should be able to simply unplug the tube. When you put it back together, you might want to wrap a cable tie around the connection to ensure it doesn't come apart. One of these is present on each side of the trunk. If you're working from this end, you could even try a vacuum cleaner. You'd have to seal the tube to the hose but that should be fairly easy (even with just your hand). If you were working from the top down, you could try pushing debris through. I don't know if I'd recommend this working bottom up. If you can't access the drain from the top, you may simply move the debris to a place it will work into the tube again.

What is it exactly that's prompting you to do this?


12-27-11, 03:02 AM
there was water in headliner. up front by light console, After my wife took it through a laser wash, initially i thought it was car wash by the high pressure sprayers. So i wanted to eliminate the drains being clogged. i was just talking to her about it and she tells me there is water in trunk also! She just remembered to tell me! Now another investigation starts, but thanks to your pics i can use those to see if drain plug is disconnected in trunk area too. thanks AGAIN ddalder!

12-29-11, 05:30 PM
Here's how-

Around the inner portion of the sunroof is a trough that collects and directs water that seeps in through the seal, just like the lower rear of a convertible top. Not high-tech, simple, yet ingenious in design. There are four rubber drain tubes running out of the trough, two in front and two in front. The rule is do not use compressed air to clean them as this will blow the tubes off the nipple connectors and you will have to remove the headline to access.

So I opened the roof and on each side poured water from a glass and the rain in the inside from the headliner continued, proving the problem was probably the drains.

Wait - there's more. To clean the drain tubes it was suggested using .080 weed wacker string to rod them out. Two problems here. The first is that the rear drain holes are not visible unless to have x-ray vision. Hard to get to, even though they are in line with the trough. Second, the string is usually in a coil and not straight - hard to work with.

So, a trip to the Wally Mart and after looking for wire, rods, any stiff item, I found the perfect one. Solutions Peerless Dryer Vent Brush, 10 feet long, IPC 0 3916610417 8. The label is blue.

Perfect. I cut off the brush leaving a brass nut, a short spring that is very flexible, and another brass nut, then 9 feet of black, stiff, but flexible rod, and a handle. I filed the front nut smooth so it would not catch, and then easily fed the rod into the rear drains. Super. It went all the way to the flapper at the bottom.I retested with pouring water in the trough on both sides and no water entered the inside of the car. Then I closed up the car and drowned the roof, windows, and all openings for 30 minutes with my water hose. No water inside.