: 2007 sts brakes & rotors

12-26-11, 01:57 PM
Goodyear quoted me 1100.. They said my brake pads are worn out and rotors are going but my car doesn't squeak when I come to a stop.... In the case my rotors are bad what's the average cost to fix this on an STS

12-26-11, 03:17 PM
I was just looking on rockauto.com and it looks like rotors run $60-$70 a piece, so that is about $280. AC Delco OE brake pads are $30 an axle, so that is $60 total. Throw in some Brake fluid and a couple cans of brake clean, shipping and taxes and you could do it yourself for under $400. I will say that $1100 seems pretty steep for brakes and rotors, you could go to a caddy dealer for that.

12-26-11, 04:54 PM
I'm doing pads and rotors next week on my 2005. $400 for parts.

Front pads $65
Rear pads $60
Front Rotors $70 each
Rear Rotors $67 each

They sell 3 different types of pads...

Good $25
Better $45
Best $65

Fathers a mechanic so I get everything at cost and do the labor ourselves. These are approximate cost. If you want, I could get the exact prices in a couple days.

12-26-11, 05:47 PM
I paid around 700 a few months ago for pads & rotors fully installed.

Shop around, got a well respected large family shop in the area? Lots of corporate overhead in that Goodyear quote.

12-26-11, 08:53 PM
I agree with Macmuse. Shopping around is a good idea and over time, a trusted local shop is a great resource. You will see some variance in price depending upon brake option. I have the 'JE5 17" Performance Brakes' and parts cost a bit more to replace than the standard 'JL9 Antilock 4-wheel Disk Brakes'.

My local Midas is owned by the manager and has done my oil changes & tire rotations for over 10 years. Their national affiliation does provide some value and Jim always gives me an honest deal.

12-26-11, 11:03 PM
I,ve got JE5 17'' replaced with kit#1424 POWER STOP Performance brake upgrade kit front/rear cross drilled and slotted rotors. with pads of course price was $430. easy install. I got mine at The brake guys or you could shop around maybe cheaper.

12-29-11, 12:16 PM
got my hawk pads, SP rear pads and SP drilled and slotted rotors on sale ...free shipping, free t shirt, rotor rebate all for $510 ...not a bad install....from Raceshopper.com Found them on this site a few years back, wouldn't go anywhere else. Great service and love the difference in stopping power. Kath