View Full Version : Dry Sump installation

12-26-11, 07:30 AM
I have ARE dry sump parts collecting dust in my garage so i have decided to install them on my ride. I will post pics of the job once everything is in place.

Basically i have the oil pan PN 1005m and the LS7 tank with head mounted two stage scavanger pump. I am still able to run my Stock oil pump and the oil will be pressed into the pump offerin better oil supply.

I will increase my oil cap from 6ltr to about 12 depending on oil level after installation...

In the works is a 7-7.5psi vortech supercharger, but i am waitin on a few answers from its present owner...(hrs of use is critical)

Presently i have cam ported heads, ported intake, a 100mm Maf, 90mm ported TB, 1.85 YT rockers and still runnin AFM. I am pushing about 420+ at the tires, but would like a little more when i am hauling my boat around town...

Would love to tune for flex fuel but findin a tuner for that is harder than it seems...

Will keep you all posted