: Headlight Removal?

12-26-11, 02:34 AM
Hey guys I got new bulbs for the parking and drl lights. I don't know how to get the headlight out though. I tried doing it from the inside without having to pull it out but that isn't going to work. I know the top two screws need to come out but where is the other one (bottom), can someone tell me where it is exactly and how to take it out?

How does the headlight come out? Does it go up vertically or pull out going away from the vehicle?


12-26-11, 05:30 AM
I didn't need to pull the headlight to change those bulbs. If you loosen the top you can pull the headlight far enough forward to remove to get it done. If you're wanting to remove the headlight, the bottom fastener is behind the wheelwell liner accessed from below. It's a bit of a pain. It's fairly easy to do the bulbs by just pulling the headlight forward.

12-26-11, 10:52 AM
On the passenger side pull the airbox out..1 min job ans will allow access fromt he back side. On driver as stated by removing 2 upper bolts you cand force the light forward enough to get to bulbs but if you have big mittens it's best to access from inside wheel liner...remove 1 liner bolt which will get you to that one lower light bolt...you don't have to completly remove that bolt just loosen and lamp will come sorta reluctantly out front..

12-26-11, 04:54 PM
Sounds good thanks guys!

12-26-11, 09:53 PM
I changed all the lights in the front without having to remove the airbox or the headlights. Just remove the bolts and pull the light assembly forward.
There should be enough room for you to change the bulbs. I have very large hands and got it done.

12-27-11, 02:27 AM
However if you guys are doing it without removing the bottom bolt how is it still moving far enough to change the bulbs?

Eric Hagan
12-27-11, 07:16 AM
Just take out the bolts you can acces on top of the lights and carefully pull it forward. I believe the bottom is hinged for adjustment of the light which allows the light to be pulled forward when the top bolts are removed. I have done mine twice and I just carefully pull them forward and you can access the parking light and the DRL.
Hope this helps.

12-27-11, 08:42 AM
I also removed the plastic cover on top of the front grill (8 or so plastic holders) and the bolts on top of the front grill.
This gave me another inch or two of room to move the front headlights forward. I've been in there a bunch of different times and had plenty of room.

12-27-11, 09:43 AM
Put a new bulb in pass side 5 min pulled air box never touched the light housing

12-28-11, 05:08 PM
K I changed them, just for reference, how do I pull out the airbox so I can do that next time and make it easier?

12-28-11, 05:18 PM
Ah it's very simple..
1) remove hose clamp (split air intake pipe at this location to avoid coolant line)
2) unplug maf (mass airflow sensor) plug (wire connector clip by clamp)
3) pull off snorkel hose apart at clamp location, grab airbox motor side and yank airbox out of friction fit location

12-28-11, 06:19 PM
Awesome, thanks a lot man!

12-29-11, 08:48 PM
What if you have to change the hid bulb? Is it better to remove the whole housing?

12-29-11, 09:03 PM
No it's also easy with airbox off