View Full Version : Rear climate system not blowing heat

12-25-11, 12:36 PM
I have a 2006 STS V6, Nav, and read climate control. Cannot figure out why the rear climate system will no longer blow heat. For that matter, it won't adjust the temperature at all.

I remember this summer my kids had turned the rear on the hottest setting, and it worked just fine. Now, it seems to only blow one temperature (even as I change the front to 80 degrees, the back still blows the same).

12-25-11, 01:47 PM
The rear unit has it's own temp control, is the round one on the left, it shows on the outside of the knob, red and blue
Red=Heat, and Blue = Cool,also you have to set what function you are using up front, for heat, select the bottom
selection, and rotate the knob towards RED, for HEAT.
Good Luck !

12-26-11, 02:31 PM
Yeah, I wasn't very specific. Even set on red/hot it blows the same as when set on blue/cold.

12-26-11, 02:45 PM
OK, You are not saying you are setting the other function keys for the same function, you are using up front.
the default function Up Front,(AUTO) directs the heat to your feet, if that's the function you are using up front,
set the function , in the rear, to the "same" function to match the front function.Keeping the Heat (REAR),
on RED. Good Luck !

12-26-11, 03:24 PM
pressing the "AUX" button up front gives control of the rear HVAC to the rear occupants. Turning AUX off gives control back to the driver.

12-26-11, 05:14 PM
Sorry to say, There is "NO" Aux switch on a STS !
On the Rear Panel,turn the Heat knob, all the way to the right, and the other function switch,
the second click from the left, Gives Full HEAT.Have Fun.

12-26-11, 05:50 PM
The AUX button is for the radio. Auxiliary input for an external audio/video source.

12-26-11, 10:28 PM
Unfortunately, this is one of those times a Tech2 scan tool would be very helpful. I would suggest checking for codes (many scan tools may not be able to help you with this particular case). A Tech2 would also allow you to test the various actuators in the centre console. You may be looking at a trip to the dealer.

12-27-11, 11:19 AM
Very very strange. The system blew out heat this morning without me doing anything. However, i did notice the left side vent isn't blowing much air at all. If it does become an issue, i do have an extended warranty to 100k miles. only at 50k right now.