View Full Version : 94 Eldo trans code PO56

11-07-04, 07:55 PM
Ok guys hope you can help. I am pulling a code of PO56 and that is the trans input speed sensor. I have run the tests from the book and the sensor is showing HZ's at the trannie conector and also at the PCM. The trouble I think may be in the PCM. After the car cools all the way down I show more than 5 AC volts. Once it warms up it will throw the code again (after I have cleared it) and the volts drop to 2.3 or so. Any help please.... Also how much is a PCM?

11-29-04, 09:44 PM
yeh im getting that code in my car but mines throwing it when its cold and when its hot its fine ?? i have no clue