View Full Version : Windshield Fluid Reservoir Missing what?

12-23-11, 10:04 PM
Hi guys! Hope all is well! So here is something funny. I recently purchased my Escalade. "Windshield-Washer fluid low" message is displayed. So, I was putting fluid today and...all the fluid was just draining from the bottom. I go under the car to look up at the reservoir to see what's wrong and there is clearly something missing because there is a hole in the shape of a perfect circle where the fluid is draining from. Furthermore, there is a hose nearby which I assume needs to be connected somewhere but I have no idea where. Moreover, there is an electrical connector that resembles a headlight connector just dangling. Will that be part of the fluid-reservoir system? I have taken pictures when I was under the car to help explain things better. Guys, anyhelp or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! and.......Happy Holidays Everyone!!

12-23-11, 10:55 PM
Looks like you may be missing the pump

12-24-11, 12:36 PM
Thanks Murphy! I'm thinking it is the pump as well. I'm goint to order it.

Merry Christmas

12-24-11, 02:06 PM