: 2005 STS Check Coolant But Coolant is Full?

12-23-11, 11:51 AM
When I start up my 2005 STS V8 it says check coolant on the dash but when I checked the coolant it is fine.

12-23-11, 03:20 PM
Yes, this sensor is VERY sensitive,It may just need 8 to 16 Oz. more.
the level in the overflow tank should be at Half Full.
I had to add a little, DO NOT OVERFILL !
Add 8 oz, and see if that takes care of the Indication.
Add more only if needed , to clear the Indication.

12-23-11, 07:39 PM
Watch for the smell of coolant after a long drive. My car needed a water pump at about 60,000 (CPO warranty repair).

The drips came from the firewall area.