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12-21-11, 09:30 PM
We were replacing the steering rack tonight and there was a electrical component to it that we couldn't figure out what it does or is. Its on the drivers side of the steering rack and has a plug on it with a few wires. When we removed it to put it on the new rack it looked like a pressure release valve on the inside but it had a screen filter on it. Its about the size of a short pop can.

Does anybody know what it could be? I cant find it anywhere on any of the parts sites.


Can is a 2005 STS v8 without Variable effort steering (no NV7 in the trunk codes)

12-21-11, 09:47 PM
These cars have a variable effort steering system. There are two wires that attach to an actuator which is part of the rack assembly. This controls the flow of power steering fluid which changes the feel of the steering. It will vary based on the speed you are travelling.

12-21-11, 10:23 PM
Mine is a 2005 STS V8 though without the NV7 code so it doesn't have the variable effort steering. My problem is that we replaced both the pump and rack and it didnt fix the issue of the steering being non derivable hard. It did look like there were 2 wires though. So we were thinking that maybe that is the problem and we were going to replace it but i cant find anywhere that it is listed to be able to buy one. Although after reading other peoples post it sounds like its the steering actuator but i cant find one listed anywere. Also i am not getting any kind of error on the DIC. We have another pump coming in the morning to see if the one we got was bad.


These were the 2 that were available for sale at advance. I got the RP6572 one because mine doesnt have the NV7

Fenco Rack and Pinion
Part No. RP6572 Warranty
Reman Power Rack and Pinion Complete Unit; Exc. Variable Effort Stg. (NV7)

Fenco Rack and Pinion
Part No. RP6571 Warranty
Reman Power Rack and Pinion Complete Unit; w/Variable Effort Stg. (NV7)

Did i get the wrong one because both pictures showed that they didn't come with the actuator.

12-22-11, 12:38 AM
I have checked the GM service manual again, specifically connector end views for steering controls. There are three listed, these are:

Steering Angle Sensor (part of the steering column under the dash)
Variable Effort Steering Actuator (w/NV7) - This will be a blue connector with two wires (gray and white)
Variable Effort Steering Actuator (w/o NV7) - This will be a black connector with two wires (gray and white)

Have a look at yours, I'm betting it is black. I have no idea what the difference is between NV7 versus w/o NV7. There are two possible connectors, wire colours are the same and there is only one schematic diagram that shows variable effort steering which suggests wiring to the actuator is the same w/ or w/o NV7.

Have you had the car scanned for codes? Not all code readers will be able to see these because they will be chassis codes that are manufacturer specific, not part of the stardardized OBD-II set.

It might be time to visit your GM parts department instead of the corner auto parts store.


Looking through some parts catalogs, there are several options available depending on year, RPO's, etc, but I think you're looking for this rack:

25983242 GEAR. Steering

GEAR,STRG. Required: 01
For: DW 3.6D(LLT),(EXC P/S(VARIABLE)(NV7) (2011-2011) (2011 - 2011).
For: DW 4.6A(LH2),3.6D(LLT),(EXC P/S(VARIABLE)(NV7) (2009-2010) (2009 - 2010).
For: DW29 4.6A(LH2),3.6-7(LY7),(EXC P/S(VARIABLE)(NV7) (2005-2007) (2005 - 2007).
For: DW29 4.6A(LH2),3.6D(LLT),(EXC P/S(VARIABLE)(NV7) (2008-2008) (2008 - 2008).

If the actuator is sold separately, it may be a dealer only item. You're really going to need to verify you purchased all the right parts or you might be chasing this for some time.


Looking a little further, I suspect what you MIGHT be looking for is this (assuming the actuator is the problem):

19133662 SOLENOID. Steering Gear Hydraulic

SOLENOID,S/GR VLV. Required: 01
For: DW29 3.6D(LLT),(EXC P/S(VARIABLE)(NV7) (2011-2011) (2011 - 2011).
For: DW29 4.6A(LH2),3.6-7(LY7),(EXC P/S(VARIABLE)(NV7) (2005-2007) (2005 - 2007).
For: DW29 4.6A(LH2),3.6D(LLT),(EXC P/S(VARIABLE)(NV7) (2008-2008) (2008 - 2008).
For: DW29 4.6A(LH2),3.6D(LLT),(EXC P/S(VARIABLE)(NV7) (2009-2010) (2009 - 2010).

But you would definitely want to confirm that this is the actuator with your GM dealer.

12-24-11, 10:09 PM
So having a look over the build sheet for my car, I have:

NV7 - Premium ZF Steering Gear

This fits since you don't require the Premium ZF Steering Gear to have variable effort steering.