: Review of 1968 CDV from AutoTrader in Tucson, AZ

White Whale
11-07-04, 03:32 PM

I went to see this car, and if anyone would like a review, let me know.

11-08-04, 04:19 PM
I'd like to know your impressions of the car if you really don't mind writing about it. If the engine was rebuilt well and the body is in "A" condition it looks like a good deal.

White Whale
11-08-04, 08:06 PM
The engine started easily, but ran rough at first, needs a carb rebuild.
After a little while it smoothed out a lot, to the point of maybe just needing a plug changed.
The owner said it has been sitting a while.
He said the engine had been rebuilt about a year ago.
The body itself is pretty straight, though it does have a few rust bubbles in the normal places.
The left rear quarter area has the most rot, with a gap between the quarter and the inner trunk panel, with a hole or two around the wheel tub.
The door bottoms were in great shape, and I didn't notice any rot on the rocker panels.
The hood hinges need some work, as the hood doesn't shut straight without some coaxing.
The rear window had one little hole at the right rear lower corner.
Paint job is a year or so old, but could have used more prep.
The floor has the beginnings of a hole in the left side passenger footwell.
Interior was redone in a nice black fabric, but was left outside in the sun, so it is pretty faded in all usual places.
Package shelf is buckled and warped.
A/C works, though is on a toggle switch, needs the underhood vacuum hoses repaired.
The car drives and handles like a big Caddy.
The left front has what is either a ball joint or bushing clunk when the brakes are applied. The brakes pulled a little at first, but cleared up after a couple applications.
The engine felt strong and smooth and the transmission went into gear and shifted as it should.
Tires looked good.
The car appears to have been backed into a small diamater pole, and the bumper is a little tweaked, as is the decklid trim.
It needs a little electrical work, as the left front and right rear lights don't flash. Might just be bulbs.
The turn signal lever will not remain up or down on its own.
The man asked me to make an offer, and he may be interested in interesting trades.
The right outer front bumper section needs to be straightened up, and the left headlight surround is cracked on the left side halfway up.
From the look I gave it, the car doesn't appear to have been hit.
Looks like a new alternator, and the A/C has been converted to 134a.
Radio does not work.
Car was some shade of red.
That's it.