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12-18-11, 05:11 PM
Ok due to finding out that a very large percent of money i donated went to "admistration fees" "like 25%!! Ive decided never again to donate to large places ever again...

So, i started doing something much more fun.. This way Also makes sure that the money donated really goes to people in need this season...

If others want to jump in and follow suit it would be awsome.. A few of us in the group have hit the news, it is all anonomous however.. But here is what to do.

Go to a place like Kmart, it dont take long to spot someone that needs extra this year, I perfer to hang out in the seats at the layaway section and just watch what is going on. Once they leave, pay off the tab and leave.. When you hear the name on the anouncement it is worth while and will make someones year...

Another place is pawn shops.. I am amazed at how many people go in asking for just 5-10 dollars for something and asking to sell anything they have... 5 - 10 dollars! So, a 100 or a 50 dollar bill in the wiper on the car outside and leave.. Heck even a 10 dollar bill makes a difference..

I would rather do this kind of stuff than just give to the guy sitting on the corner of a road, at least these guys are trying...

Im open to other ideas for fun ways of helping out christmas stuff if you guys have any ideas...

12-18-11, 06:12 PM
I see people do this kind of stuff at work all the time but it doesn't always turn out good. Here is what I see happen most of the time: someone approaches me with money to pay for someone's order who they think really needs it. Once the person realizes what is going on, they take the money and all of a sudden they don't want their items anymore and walk out. I'm not saying this happens in every case but just a word to the wise. Make sure they don't do something else with the money because this happens at least 50% of the time.

12-18-11, 08:25 PM
What I have done is when walking by some homeless person on the street, after they pass, I turn around and stop them, hand them a 50 or a 20, and tell them "excuse me, you dropped this", then just turn around and walk away. I know often times homeless people will spend this on booze / drugs, but it's not as if the 50 is going to buy them a house or a car, so what they spend it on is up to them.

12-18-11, 09:55 PM
I have read about the Kmart layaway story, matter fact a classmate from HS was a recipient. She FB that someone paid her lay away. Btw, she really did need the charity. My hats off to you and others.

12-18-11, 10:32 PM
When it comes to the homeless, it's best to give them food or gift cards.

12-19-11, 01:28 PM
I think the idea is great, and I'm going to try it out!!

12-19-11, 02:31 PM
Was just thinking that this might be a good opportunity to take my V in to Jesse and then stare and drool at the other cars he has underway, mope and whine about how expensive such mods are, then make a layaway arrangement with him for a built-up 434. Too bad I live so far away!


I have heard that with some of the local charities, that the people sorting the gifts frequently snag the good stuff to take home to their kids. I donated a Nintedo Wii last year, and now I wonder if some needy kids actually got to enjoy it, or if I saved some charity worker from having to go shopping for his/her own kids. Pretty sad....much like the "administration fees" Jesse mentioned.

12-20-11, 09:13 AM
wow that is awesome. I firmly believe in "what goes around comes around" and while you might not believe that. somewhere down the line something good will come to you.

12-20-11, 11:29 AM
My comments: I have a fellow who works out back in my shop. He has worked for a couple of years at an outlet store that sells stuff to help abused and battered women. He always comes around with "free" stuff that I know he hasn't bought. He tells me stories of the fellows who work there who take home expensive stuff that is donated. It is a shame, and I won't give expensive stuff to these charities, just a check through the proper channels.

I also don't give money (as a general rule) to "homeless" people. I will offer them the opportunity to do some work around my metal shop to earn their money. If they don't want to do the work, and most don't, they don't get a dime from me.

Our local professional football team has an annual food drive. I brought a bunch of canned goods to donate. As I was frisked at the entry gate I was told I could not take the food in with me. I was ordered to throw it away into the trash. I was livid. I will never bring food to any donation again. Let me add I now give generously to the food bank who was the recipient in the first place, but the local football team can give me a kiss in a certain place.

Perhaps I am jaded, but I just donate my personal time to a charity or I donate money through the proper channels.

Gary Wells
12-20-11, 12:00 PM
What business names, street addresses, street intersections, & in what cities are you guys dropping off the $50's & $100's at?
I'm looking for my "hobo" suit right now.
About 4 or 5 years back, I used to see this very nice family out on the street corners in and around, Lakewood, Bixby Knolls, & Long Beach, CA panning for $$ & clothing. Sometimes it would be the parents by themselves, sometimes it would be 1 parent and 1 or 2 of the 3 kids they had with them, sometimes it would be the whole family. I did offer to buy the family a breakfast or a lunch for the family but they turned it down. That made me suspicious. One Sunday I saw them getting out of a pretty new station wagon, very nicely dressed & heeled, in front of their church. they had nicer clothes that I did and drove a family wagon only about 4 or 5 years old. Haven't seen them for about 3 years or so. Maybe other people drove by that church also.

12-20-11, 01:13 PM
I adopted a military family through http://www.operationhomefront.net You can pick a local military base, name the number of kids in the family you want to help and work with the family to get them what they need. In general they ask for between $30-$50 in presents for each child and $100 for the family as a whole in a gift card. We met with the family last week and snuck the gifts into their car while the families were in the mall. I also slipped the Husband another $100 gift card to get something for his wife. Felt great and much more personal than last year when we adopted a family through the YWCA

It is not too late, They are accepting sponsors through Christmas Eve

Mike 09 V
12-20-11, 02:00 PM
My late aunt, for years had $25.00 automatically paid to St. Mary's food bank. When she passed I received a letter stating that her small gift, over time, had provided meals for 35,000 people! So you can give a little and do it over and over again and it makes a huge difference.

12-22-11, 01:35 PM
Jaded or not, what matters most is that one has a kind heart. Not greedy or suspicious. It doesn't matter if you donate $2000 or simply give a hot cup of coffee to a "homeless" person, what matters is showing kindness to another fellow man, not judging whether the person is worthy of generosity.
Be nice to people. It's that simple. (A lot of individuals expect a lot without giving anything)

To the OP, I love that!! Such a great idea! If each of you did at least one nice thing for a person I guarantee good will come back to you. Not being selfish is the name of the game.

12-22-11, 01:53 PM
The layaway idea was on national news the other day. I think it's a great idea