: Is this a factory CD changer, and will it fit my 97 DeVille?

The Marshmallow
12-18-11, 04:03 PM
I'm a nOOb to this site and I love it so far, however I find the search function to be rather convoluted, either that or I haven't figured out how to refine my searches well enough. Anyhow, I already spent a few hours trying to find stereo info, and it seems like installing a CD head unit would be a total PITA, and that a trunk mounted unit would be much easier. I was hoping for some current info on adding a trunk mounted CD changer to my base 1997 DeVille, which currently has what appears to be a non-Bose cassette player. I'm looking for a true plug and play option, preferably low budget, with minimal installation hassles as I am not super familiar with stereo installation and I am very pressed for time these days. I found this 6-disc changer on eBay, and it appears to be a Delco part.


Does this look like it'd be plug and play, or is it missing anything I need? Is it correct for the car (it says it fits 1997 DeVilles in the fine print). Would I be able to control the CD player through the original radio, or does it need to have an additional remote control (which is not pictured, which tells me it's not included)? Should I hold out for something different? If you have further info or links to anything different, it'd be very much appreciated. Thank you!

12-20-11, 08:08 AM
NO that's NOT it.
The factory CD changer is a 12 disk unit, have a look here (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-audio-video-security-systems/176381-1996-eldorado-wanting-factory-cd-unit.html#post1961861), this is what you need.

The factory 12 Disk CD changer is TURE plug and play and budget buy (way less than $100). Your car is pre-equipped with everything you need (i.e. the CD changer harness). You truly just plug it in the harness load it with disks (music face UP) and your HU will show a CD icon that will blink for ~40 seconds while is reading the disk. Then the light goes solid and in this moment you have 1 extra selection when pressing the SOURCE button: TAPE/RADIO/CD CHANGER. You use the same buttons that control the tape to control the CD Changer plus the 1-6 buttons. To access the 1-6 disks press 1-6 to access 7-12 disks press and hold 1-6 buttons until a beep is heard (for example for disk 8 press and hold 2).

Also see this link (http://www.jnjhome.net/cadillac/changer.htm).

The Marshmallow
12-21-11, 06:10 PM
Thank you for the information and links. Extremely helpful stuff!

Is *this* what I need?

It is advertised as a 10 disk changer from an Aurora, but has the same part number as the 12 disk. Did they label it incorrectly, and are they really selling a 12 disk changer?

Is that bracket-looking thing specific to the Aurora, or is that what I need for my Caddy?

Thanks again!


12-22-11, 10:18 PM
Yes, it is the correct unit minus the bracket, that use to be a $15 deal at the Cadillac dealership.
The unit pictures looks kind of beat up, probably you can do better unless the price is like $24 or so.

The Marshmallow
12-25-11, 03:34 PM
Thanks again. I passed on that other one, since it did look rather tired like you mentioned. Here's another one. It's on the pricey side, but it looks like it includes everything and it's in brand new condition. Does this look like the bracket I'd need to fit it in my 97 DeVille? Thank you, and happy holidays.


edit: I looked around more and it does not look like it has the correct bracket. Probably gonna pass on this one as well since there are some cheaper options currently available. Unfortunately I got outbid on ebay by $1 this morning on a 12 disc changer that included the bracket, which sold for $51 dollars. Everything else currently available is in the 125-285 range, and don't include the bracket :(

12-26-11, 09:41 PM
The CD changer in the link looks appealing, the bracket is not the one you need and the cable you don't need it at all. The price is almost OK for a brand new unit. It does have the magazine and that alone is a $40 value right there.
You may want to talk with ponyboyt last time I passed by his place I believe I counted ~5 CD changers and brackets.

The Marshmallow
12-28-11, 10:47 AM
Thanks, I ended up buying the tired one after all, since it was waaaay cheaper than the other ones available and I didn't feel like obsessively watching the auction for a week on the nice one and having it end up being a $200 part. I also got the stand from a different source. We'll see how it all comes together.

I didn't see any obvious signs of where to mount it. No holes in the trunk carpet...I'm assuming there are holes in the trunk sheetmetal though. Before I start pulling up the trunk carpeting, does anyone have a link to a picture of how the changer is supposed to look installed in a DeVille's trunk?

Thanks again for your helpful responses.

The Marshmallow
01-10-12, 09:08 PM
I got everything installed this weekend and the CD changer was filthy but works fine so far. Thanks again.