View Full Version : Vetronix Tech 2 on eBay

12-18-11, 08:52 AM
Anyone have any experience with the Vetronix Tech 2's on eBay?
It seems to me I read somewhere that Vetronix made the Tech 2 for GM, before Bosch became the maker.
The Vetronix Tech 2's are made in China. I've seen them refered to as "clones". But they are advertised as including "genuine" GM software, and have a GM label on the Tech 2 itself.
Now, knowing how GM has an army of lawyers and is very protective of it's intellectual property, I find it hard to believe they are counterfit.
I'm thinking, possibly NOS from when Vetronix did make the Tech 2.

Anyway, I'm thinking about picking one up for personal, non commercial use. A sub $1000 diagnostic tool is doable, whereas a $4000 diagnostic tool is not.

Any thoughts from those who have one of the Chinese units?