: help - hose popped loose after going over bump now misfire

12-17-11, 10:45 PM
I was driving my 2009 V today - just going down road at like 35 mph. I went over a small but noticible bump/dip in road. Within a few seconds, I started getting service traction control system soon messages and flashing service engine icon. I also had what was a noticable vibration.

I limped it home. I assumed this might be another bad coil, and that going over the dip just beforehand was a coincidence. I had two coils replaced (3, then 7 or 8) after similar symptoms.

However, I figured would open hood and make sure nothing was obviously lose. I noticed a a hose was laying unplugged near the rubber tubing between the air filter/breather and intake manifold. The hose had a square adapter at the with a ribbed nozzle. There was also an obviously open port in the intake rubber tubing.

I tried to push this back into place, but it won't seem to go all the way in. With it partially in, the idle is a little less rough but there is still misfire and shudder. There is some play between nozzle and square adapter at end of hose. The nozzle can actually come out of the adapter, and there is a squeeze "bracket" to release it. The bracket doesn't seem like its holding it tight.

What is this, is it a EGR vacuum line?

Do i need to adjust the bracket, or maybe lube it to get a good vacuum seal?

If I get a good seal, should dash lights go away or do codes near to be cleared?

12-18-11, 12:52 AM
So, after doing a little research and looking under hood more, I think the loose hose is in fact a breather hose.

The hose connects to air intake tube via a grommet (nipple). The hose will pop back in, and sometimes come on or off with or without the gromment/nipple. The adapter the grommet pops into on the hose, appears to actually be part of hose or doesn't unscrew. The hose, is the tail of a short t, which appears all one piece. The top of t runs into a port on the front of valve covers on passenger side, and the other to driver side. These are labeled eng pr and eng dr.

If these are breather hoses, I don't know if it venting right to atmosphere instead of intake would cause a check engine light. However, I would assume any loss of vacuum on intake side could cause misfires.