: 2011 2012 esv mileage difference

12-17-11, 03:21 AM
A family member is debating between getting a 2011 and a 2012 ESV AWD. I was researching and found the below site with unadjusted mpg data. for 2011 and 2012 models.
There is no data on a 2012 ESV AWD. Here are the 2011 and 2012 ESV 2WD.

I'm looking at the unadjusted highway mileage. I see that as the vehicle's maximum potential.
Why does a 2011 get about 10 unadjusted highway mpg more than a 2012?
Are the numbers wrong? Was there an emissions requirement change for 2012 models? Am I missing something?
Would a 2012 ESV AWD get 18 or 24 mpg on the highway*.

*Highway being 55-60 mph, just into 6th gear.

Any insight would be appreciated.

12-17-11, 07:08 AM
I found them both at 14 city and 18 highway for the 2011 & 2012 esv, you probably will not get 14 in the city, I get 12.2 on
all three trucks in the city, I have special tuning so I do real good on the highway, way over 20 and as good as 25. Make sure
you are not looking at the hybrid on the mileage charts, but the Caddy web site shows the same that is where I got my numbers :)

12-17-11, 08:31 AM
It would be interesting to poll 2011 and 2012 owners to see what the average miliage says on their ON STAR remote link on their Smart Phones.
Mine is a 2011 ESV with 12099 miles and Onstar says 13 MPG. I tow a Ski boat alot.

12-17-11, 03:36 PM
Although not included in the proposed survey, my 2010 says 14mpg and I don't tow anything.