: NAVTraffic, NAVWeather & OnStar DestinationDownload-ODD have never worked -2011 STS

Caddy Rocks
12-15-11, 10:00 PM
Just bought a brand new 2011 Cad STS with the Factory NAV System and I have a paid up subscription to XM Radio, XM NAVTraffic and XM NAVWeather. The problem is that the NAVTraffic and NAVWeather are totally non-op from inception (no icons on the screen at all). XM Radio (music) and regular GM Navigation work fine. The Cad dealer says the 2011 Cad STS in not capable but I think they are wrong. What up?

Also, altho Turn-by-turn verbal commands work ok, OnStar Destination Download -ODD (full direct download into a NAV screen) does not work and OnStar tech support says it is for Gen 8 and beyond but, in my case, even tho I have Onstar Gen 8.2, they said I dont have a compatible NAV System! What up with that !? Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks

12-16-11, 12:39 AM
Unfortunately, everything you have been told is correct. The navigation system in the STS, even the 2011 model year, does not support XM NAVTraffic, XMNAV Weather or ODD. I'm curious why you would think that the GM dealer and OnStar are wrong when there is nothing in the manual to the contrary? I would like to have these features too, but it's never going to happen with the factory STS nav.

Caddy Rocks
12-16-11, 12:13 PM
Many thanks for the prompt reply. It is immensely helpful to have your input. Here's my "reason why" and my "so called" proof !!:

(NOTE: The XM Coverage area is not the problem because my 2012 Cad SRX loaner works just fine with both Nav Traffic and NAV Weather)

For example, the Cadillac web site touts the fact that the 2011 STS features XM NAV Traffic for cars with a NAV system.

... CADILLAC web link follows ... scroll to “STS SMART TECHNOLOGY” to read about the XM NAV Traffic Features on the 2011 STS:


NOTE: the XM Tech Support line confirmed to me that our specific VIN is capable for XM Nav Traffic and XM NAV Weather (VIN #1G6DX6ED0B0107342).

2011 Cad STS PROBLEM #2: OnStar Destination Download (ODD) NON-OP: NOTE: The following is cut and pasted from page 15 of the “OnStar Owner’s Manual – GEN 8” delivered with the car:

OnStar Destination Download*

If your vehicle has an eligible factory-installed screen-based navigation system, there’s another way for you to get directions. OnStar Destination Download is a feature that makes using your screen-based navigation system easier and faster. If you have the Directions & Connections Service Plan you can push the button and ask the Advisor to find and send your destination right into the navigation system. There’s no need to stop to input your destination on the screen; the Advisor will do it for you. Once the Advisor disconnects the call, push the “Go” button on your navigation screen to begin driving directions. Refer to the navigation owner’s manual for more information about that system. This feature is only available on certain 2009 and newer model year navigation systems. An OnStar Advisor can tell you if your navigation system has this feature.

* Requires Directions & Connections plan and a compatible navigation system.

12-16-11, 08:11 PM
So the problem here seems to be grossly inconsistent information. I understand your frustration and I'd be a little hot under the collar also. I went back and read the sections you referenced. What i found is a reference to a footnote (#20).

"20 Required XM Radio and NavTraffic monthly subscriptions sold separately by XM after trial period. XM NavTraffic only available in select markets. For more information, visit xmradio.com/navtraffic. Visit onstar.com for coverage map, details and system limitations."

There is an embedded link in this reference that will take you to further information about NavTraffic. Once at that page there is another link, http://www.siriusxm.com/navtraffic/availability, which outlines vehicle availability. The STS is not listed in any model year.

This may not be unlike a problem with the 2005 STS. The manual documents an 'Express Up' feature to close all windows using the remote control. It has been documented in a subsequent service publication that in fact, this option is not available in 2005.

Sometimes the marketing groups don't have all the facts on the final release of a vehicle. Have you contacted GM Customer Service to put in an inquiry regarding all the confusion?

Caddy Rocks
12-17-11, 11:36 AM
Thanks again for your research and happy holidays to you and yours !! Not a perfect world for sure BUT... NAV traffic and weather are SO SWEET. Got spoiled in the SRX loaner!! BTDT with GM Customer support to no avail. BTW, the XM Vehicle availability list may not be reliable since their NAVWeather availability list is grossly out of date since many other vehicles which are in fact compatible are not listed (e.g. all caddies, etc). LINK follows just for kicks:


Nonetheless, I have regrettably concluded that my 2011 STS is not compatible with NAVTraffic and NAVWeather and I plan to seek retribution from GM for my loyalty ... e.g. Altho not separately priced, my 2011 "Old-School" NAV System was traditionally a $1,995 option but how do you put a price on the disappointment caused by false advertising and unfulfilled promises ... treble damages would be a good start !!! Note: My "Premium Pkg-1SC" (with NAV, 18" wheels, etc) was $5,560 more than the "DLX Pkg-1SB". Any suggestions there on where to write for remuneration (or similar) would be much appreciated ? ... Note: a Garmin after-market unit with NAV traffic would fit on the dash and is only about $200 !!!

P.S. You are probably already hip to it but the new Cadillac CUE System demo (for ALL user info) that I saw at the 2011 L.A. Auto Show is absolutely amazing and will be available on the 2013 XTS, ATS, and SRX. ... e.g. like changing the appearance of your instrument panel to 4 different configurations on the fly !! It actually makes the prior systems seem like the old 10 lb cell phones !! CUE link follows:

http://www.cadillac.com/cadillac_cue.html?seo=goo_|_Cadillac_Awareness_|_C adillac_CUE_-_Awareness_|_CUE_|_cadillac_cue&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Awareness-Cadillac-Cadillac_CUE_-_Awareness&utm_content=Search&utm_term=cadillac_cue

12-17-11, 02:15 PM
Did the salesman tell you it had those features?