: Help help help.....sos....

12-15-11, 07:38 PM
ok I cleaned my throttle body today:yup: and after putting everything back together it was hard to start:cryin:banghead:g2:. once i got it started the rpm was around 2100 and going higher:banghead::bomb:. cut it off restarted it 2200 rpms:bomb: but idled back down to 800 :annoyed:, then once again rose to 2200 and continued to stay there:crying2: well i figured i had got debree in the system:banghead: so i drove it a while and it continues to stay in the 2100 ,2200 rpm range..what did i do wrong please help

12-15-11, 08:36 PM
sounds like a vacuum leak.. make sure you installed everything like the air intake and hoses back correctly

12-15-11, 10:29 PM
I did the same thing last year. I took it apart cleaned it again, had the same problem... Drive it for about 45 minutes, it has a relearn process for the idle. It will correct itself! But be certain everything is together.

12-16-11, 01:25 AM
Mine did the same. It will go back to normal with driving.

Pretty funny if you ask me. I have cleaned the TB on all my cars and never seen this before.

12-16-11, 07:30 AM
Make sure that large vacuum line on the air intake is attached, sounds like it's off, because as said I never heard of that happening

12-16-11, 10:54 AM
Just recently did this as well cleaned the TB really really good. Pushed the door open and sprayed really good in there and scrubbed with a tooth brush got all sorts of black carbon out also did the K&N service at the same time.

Couldn't get it started for a few tries then it fired up in P it was really high like 2k after i touched the gas then it settled down in R and D I just drove around for a few minutes putting it into P and D and turning it on and off and it reset itself fairly quickly.

I have it heard it takes about 100 miles although scary I think it will correct itself

12-16-11, 03:17 PM
I have seen the idle go up until the cleaner is burnt off, but never for any period of time

12-16-11, 03:34 PM
Just cleaned mine recently... and I concur with hcvone. Idle raised momentarily and went back to normal pretty quickly. Must of left a vacuum line off.

Mine wasn't really dirty and my truck only has 16k miles.

12-17-11, 12:12 PM
The hard starting is the truck trying to pass thru whatever fluid you used to clean it and the truck has an idle learn that usually is 10 minutes of idling with no accessories on after resetting the PCM by scanner or disconnecting the battery