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12-15-11, 02:02 PM
hey everyones, I have a 2008 escalade and I was wondering about navigation discs. If I purchase a newer navigation disc since I have a
2008 one if it would work in my navigation. I heard they update the discs and I'm also wondering if its worth spending the money to upgrade if this indeed does work? What do you guys think?

12-15-11, 02:16 PM
go to http://gmnavdisc.com

plug in your vehicle

it will list the newest available disc for you

sometimes the old disc from last year will still be available (sometimes at a discount)

but usually there will only be one disc available

the navdisc site often runs discounts i think fathers day they ran a discount and they might be running a discount right now

normal price is $199 plus shipping

12-16-11, 09:31 AM
They're going for $150 on the navdisc website right now till xmas ...