View Full Version : PCM/EBTCM Pin Diagram, 2001 SLS

12-14-11, 01:37 PM
Hello all,

I have searched, and have not found, pin diagrams for both the PCM and EBTCM for my 2001 Seville SLS. Could someone please assist me?

Thank You,
Ed Kindler

12-14-11, 09:49 PM
www.alldatadiy.com (http://www.alldatadiy.com)

GM/Helm service manual. www.helminc.com

A FEW pinout diagrams in Northstar, PCM tuning.

12-15-11, 07:19 AM
Here you go, what trouble are you having?

12-15-11, 10:51 AM
Yes Sub, I have had this car for nearly 6 years, and I still have not subscribed to AllData! :)

And to Ternstes, thank you very much for posting! As far as the issue, I am getting "No ABS Data" along with P1571. I had rebuilt (or more accurately resealed) the engine over the summer due to a combination of failed head gaskets and a moderate oil leak on the bottom end. In doing sa, I believe I may have damaged the wiring harness between the PCM and EBTCM. I need the pin diagram so I can, as a first step to resolve the issue, go through and ohm out the wires. Thanks again!