: CTS-V coupe steering wheel

12-14-11, 05:33 AM
Hey Luke-
I heard you are the man to talk to when it comes to ordering a CTS-V steering wheel. I have a 2012 coupe (non V) without paddle shifters. I want to order the black alcantara suede V steering wheel and do the swap. The buttons on the V steering wheel are the same as on mine. I saw the one on Hennessey Performance website when I purchased the V shift knob, but they are charging close to 500 bucks. What kind of pricing can you offer?


Lindsay Cadillac Parts
12-14-11, 08:42 AM
Would you want one for a manual trans car so it would not have the paddle shifters?

12-15-11, 08:06 AM
Well I don't need the paddle shifters so I guess that would work just fine! As long as it is the V steering wheel in the same black alcantara suede that matches the V shift knob I bought off Hennessey's website. I wish I could just install a steering wheel with paddle shifters on my car and they would work! lol

Lindsay Cadillac Parts
12-15-11, 08:54 AM
The manual trans suede wheel is $270.00 plus a few $$ to ship. would take about a week to get to me. give me a call at 703-647-8670 between 730-4 Eastern to get it on order

01-04-12, 02:59 AM
I just received my new V steering wheel and sport pedal kit in the mail today. Took about 2 1/2 weeks to ship to LA. Probably would have been here quicker if it hadn't been for the holidays. Luke was a pleasure to deal with and gave me a great deal. I couldn't be happier!

03-17-12, 08:42 AM
So will the paddle shifters work if the car originally did not have that option on an automatic transmission 08 cts?

03-30-12, 12:32 AM
http://www.infoocean.info/avatar2.jpgWell I don't need the paddle shifters so I guess that would work just fine!

04-12-12, 11:39 AM
So Luke, can you get more suede steering wheels?
I've got a 2011 CTS Coupe auto trans.
How much for the CTS-V one?

Lindsay Cadillac Parts
04-12-12, 12:25 PM
I currently have an AT steering wheel in stock, it is $200.00 plus shipping

04-12-12, 03:39 PM
Can you post a pic? Is it from a CTS-V one?


LUKE im buying the wheel ASAP!!!!
Probably gona call monday with payment.

05-05-12, 09:39 PM
Hey Luke.
I have recently bought a CTS-V Steering Wheel from you and I could not be happier. I called you on Tuesday and by Friday it was a my door step. Well I have installed the Steering Wheel and not only was it a direct Bolt-On to my AT 2012 CTS performance 3.6 But the shifter paddles worked to. You have just gained a customer and I will do my best to bring you business as well.

06-09-12, 10:54 AM
Luke, I'm looking for an AT steering wheel (with shift buttons) and shift knob to match. You have those in stock?

Lindsay Cadillac Parts
06-11-12, 09:11 AM
I have them in stock, the wheel is $199.32 and the knob is $60.00. give me a call at 703-647-8670 to get them on the way

02-19-14, 11:05 PM
Digging up the thread.

I was wondering if paddles would be workable for an 08 with 6spd At? If so how much and what is needed to install/make it work


02-24-14, 02:10 PM
Hi Luke

I was wondering if you may be able to assist me....I have a 2012 CTS-V and was wondering if a 2009-2011 V steering wheel will fit on my Wagon?

Thanks for any help



02-25-14, 04:05 PM
I called the dealership and the parts guys said the only way for him to figure it out is to have the vin # from the car it came from compared with my vin #. Makes no sense to me.

07-08-14, 12:07 PM
Hi Luke,

I have a 2013 CTS coupe (automatic) but am looking to get the CTS-V suede steering wheel and shift knob. How much for both and can I get pics? Can I get the steering wheel with the paddle shifters and if so, would it work on my car? It didn't originally come with paddle shifters.