: Need help with switchback front LED's!!

12-14-11, 01:05 AM
Hey everyone..... need some help with an aggravating issue with V-LEDS 3157 switchback LED's. Has anyone did this install? If so I need some tech help because nothing short of rewiring seems to be working. I had already had LED's in with 6ohm 50watt resistors, I took the bulbs out and put the switchbacks in like V-LEDS instructs and still nothing. They blink like they should but still no white lights coming on.... am I missing something in here..... I just don't see how this works. PLEASE, PLEASE HELP!!!!

12-16-11, 01:37 AM
The turn signals have no running lights only a blink circuit. So you only need amber bulbs.

12-17-11, 09:07 AM
I think he is saying he has the dual mode lights from V-Leds, where the turn signal will appear to be a running light when the blinker is off. I have a set but have not installed them yet. looking at them it looks pretty basic, install the resistor, then tap one set of wires in into the blinker line and the other into the fog lights I would assume. Keep us posted. I may end up doing mine during my time off if I can fit it in.

12-18-11, 12:03 AM
Well after tons of research and trial and fail, here it is..... Cadi plays sick jokes!!! The factory bulb is a 3157 but the socket is wired for only a 3156 but has the ability to add the extra pin so it can be a 3157 EXCEPT the metal internal clips inside are still attached for a 3156 thus blowing every 3157 if installed!!

So, here is the solution..... I have taken new 3157 sockets and added them into the system to make it work. Once I perfect it, get it fully installed and working exactly, I will post pictures and how to's for it. What a pain because I am currently waiting on yet another set of switchback LED's.

12-18-11, 10:22 AM
richw3533 .... did you get those for your turn signals? if you did then the reason why they prob dont work is cuz they are ment for bulbs that stay on and then light up brighter / or turn off for the blink. Good example of this is the Toyota Tundra

*** in both these vids the white light is normaly the amber light from the factory***

Here the tundra uses the Day Time Runing Lights as turn signals


or like this charger that has the parking light that also works as the turn signal. In this case they have to turn on their parking lights to drive with the white light on...then when they hit the turn signal it goes amber.


They need to have constant power running to them for the white light to be on.... then when the power is removed or added (like when bulbs get brighter for turning) the amber part lights up.


How I got mine to work is by connecting the power on from the parking light ( the top light of our headlights) then the turn signal power from the blinker.

Thats prob why your switch back led bulbs dont work.... our front blinkers dont have any constant power on like daytime running lights or parking lights (like the charger). Which is also why the amber part still turns on when you hit the blinker...just not the white light.

Hope that made sense