: 2002 ESCALADE to a 2007 or newer...?

12-13-11, 01:22 AM
I have a 2002 Escalade EXT it is In EXCELLENT CONDITION

I Know there are SO MANY Parts and Accesories/add ons for these trucks grills lights kits etc.

I Want to make it Look A Few Years Newer. Like a New
2010 or 2011..? I know there are some big difference of course the body Change.. I know I could add the Little Vent things on the side But I think they would look bad on an 02...
WHAT CAN I DO To maybe upgrade it slightly for Cheap and make it look more like or Have a NEW 2011 Look??
It is basically Stock right now Except for the Grill Was Changed out to The Vertical Chrome Up and Down Solid Metal Grill (which I am not a Huge fan of)

Any Add ons to make it Look like a 2011??
Conversion..? Anything little or big suggestions/Input would be great! :)

Considered Maybe a STOCK Grill But Chromed Finish from 2002? Maybe that would set it back from how it looks now.
Has the METAL CHROME V on the front of the Hood above the Grill, THink it came with the aftermarket grill that is on there.
Guy said he paid 1,000 bucks for the grill that is on there now.
said it was the best ones, and it is SOLID, Not plastic.

12-13-11, 07:13 AM
Get some of the 4 wheel drive mags, they have conversion kits depending on what you want to do, have read where people have spent thousands to make their older trucks look like a newer truck, have to wonder when finished if it would have been better to trade or sell the older truck for a new one. You can get grills costing up to 4k from Strut, but if you want the conversion to look good, you can not do it cheap, you can save a lot of money doing it yourself, but it won't be cheap in terms of cost to do it right. :)