: help with my allante

12-12-11, 01:31 PM
i dont know much about this car other then the fact it needs alot of interior work...car runs and drives fine though..should i have any problem selling it for 1500 i bought another cadillac and this one just kinda came with it..

12-12-11, 02:26 PM
can you give us some more details, even basic ones like color combo, model year/build date mileage hardtop included etc would be helpful

what works and doesnt work?

trunk pulldown?
top pulldown?
any brake warnings?

12-12-11, 07:09 PM
i havent even put a battery in the car the guy started it for me i rode in it while he drove it and then he took his battery back out when we drove it on the trailer... but it is red has a black soft top which has been sitting for a while with windows down but top seems ok there half of the cadilac eblem is missing off the right rear taillightits got big chrome wheels on i thought they were aftermarket but they have the cadillac emblem in the center.

12-13-11, 11:15 AM
Assuming the headlights and taillights and sheet metal are not damaged, you can get more than $1500 parting it out. Again, what year?

12-13-11, 02:40 PM
And where would the car be located?

12-14-11, 03:30 PM
I'm in Dallas that's were the car is but I'm in houston area working during the week so I can have it in either place

cadillac kevin
12-16-11, 11:42 AM
the wheels are probably CTS wheels. its a semi common mod.
I'm not sure how much it rains in texas (hopefully not alot) but the interior could be ok depending on how worn out it is or how much it got rained on. just because it got wet a few times doesnt necessarily mean the fabric is ruined (electronics are another thing entirely).
put a battery in it and see what does and does not work. you may be able to get it running and sell it as such (it would bring a couple grand if it was presentable and did not need a ton of work). even as a running car with a title, you can get 1500 for it easy (as long as its not loaded with electrical gremlins)
pictures would really help determining the value of it.

12-16-11, 11:52 AM
i agree that pics would go along way.

they could be CTS wheels or depending on how ambitious the previous owner was they could be DTS wheels, STS or even XLR wheels.

if you end up parting it i need a passenger side window regulator assembly please

12-17-11, 11:56 AM
I know a shop in Arlington that does really nice interior work for very reasonable prices. He did some custom work on my vette and it came out great. The shop is called:
Herman's Upholstery and Detail, (817) 462-1612, herman.hughes45@yahoo.com.


12-17-11, 12:14 PM
What year is the car???

12-19-11, 02:29 PM
I smell a scam.