: Towing problem - 07 AWD

12-09-11, 04:18 PM
I do a lot of towing with my 07 Escalade AWD. Yes the mileages sucks…, but that is not my concern.

While towing in hilly terrain the transmission oil often gets very hot. A couple of times the temperature has been so high that “fail safe” mode has engaged – locking the transmission in 1st gear. I always use the tow mode. My trailer weights between 7000 and 7500lbs when loaded.

Is there a transmission cooler upgrade available for the Escalade - OEM or aftermarked? Any recommendations?


12-09-11, 06:02 PM
I have something similar to this on one of my hot rods, mine is a combo cooler and cools oil and trans. Works great for me!!

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12-09-11, 06:52 PM
I have towed many tmes cross country and never had that warning, but have got the temps high, but 95% of my towing is in the cold and the trans never gets that hot. I would suggest looking at something like a larger Hayden Transaver or equ trans cooler and a larger pan with cooling and most larger pans have that, the fan mount cooler maybe overkill unless you tow most of the time.