: Re: Escalade V

12-09-11, 02:32 AM
I found a smashed CTS-V in a scrap yard. it's hit hard, slight fire damage, and killed all 4 occupants. BUT...I was looking online, and the V's are said to have used the LS-3 Heads....
See where I'm going? can i purchase the remains of this car, and swap in the longblock/supercharger into my EXT?
Bit of Dyno time and BAM! EXT-V?
Thoughts? Opinions?

12-09-11, 07:04 AM
Anything is possible, but if you want to spend much less money with better results just get a supercharger kit for your truck. Here is the problem, you would need a stand alone computer because you are switching engines and cars, ton of programming time, and of course the never ending error codes that will show up with a swap. Even for free I don't think it would be a good deal because of the time and money, if you can do all the work that would save a lot, just don't know how easy it would be to sell if you ever wanted to after a swap. The V is more than an engine, it's the package of the handling, brakes and engine, on an Escalade you can do the engine, and even big brakes, but the handling, just never going to happen, I think that's why there is probably no V in the Escalade line really

12-10-11, 11:32 AM
I'll agree with Mr. H on his comments, way to much trouble for what your going to end up with. As he says, if its speed your looking for gut get your own super and start fresh. you will still have some problems to solve, more computer issues than anyting. Keep in mind, while it may go fast in a straight line, you will never be able to hang witht he pocket rockets in the twisties! and go BIG on on the brakes. Back in the day, when checy rolled out there 454ss trucks I had a couple that I tweaked and it was fun but costly. Ended up going to Arizona speed and Marine and had them build me an engine and computer controll system so it would run properly. While it was fun, i dumped a ton of money in and never got anyting close back on the return. Would have been better to just got a sports car.

12-11-11, 01:44 PM
Hcvone any news on the 3rd brake light? I really would like one for my Escalade

12-12-11, 04:23 AM
what year is the V?

I've done something similiar. I converted the Escalade Powertrain (Engine and Trans) for use in a self-made offroad-vehicle. But before I could get the mechanic stuff done, someone needed the engine for replacement in an Escalade, so I gave it away and replaced it by a LS2.

If you're good in electronics and computer stuff, you can handle that. You will need both wiring diagrams, from the donor vehicle and your Truck. Then you will need a Tuner-Package like HP Tuners or Tunercat that supports both vehicles. With that you copy&paste the calibration-tables from the V-PCM into your PCM. Then you will have to do some minor changes to the wiring (both engines are very similar, you just have to compare the diagrams to find out the differences) and after a test-run you disable all remaining DTCs in the software. Since the software in your PCM still will be the same you will not have any trouble with other ECU's like the TCM, Body-Systems or Anti-Lock Brakes.

12-12-11, 08:03 AM
Hcvone any news on the 3rd brake light? I really would like one for my Escalade

Still testing, finally got a chance to get them under zero temp in the snow in upstate NY, we made a manufacturing change to make the lamps stronger and waterproofed, because we found some issues with the stock light seals something we did not think would be an issue, so we had to fix that too, but so far so good everything is working like it should, got stopped twice yesterday by people asking "how do you get the whole thing to light up" ;)