: Please Help!! '65 Coupe

12-08-11, 01:36 AM

So I have a 1965 coupe de ville, the motor has a knock because it ran out of oil.
I was told it's an Oldsmobile motor, not sure which one exactly, that was swapped in at some point. (i asked why too)

I have a Buick 430 motor with a TH400 transmission out of a '68 Electra 225.

I want to know if the Buick motor would fit without any major adjustments, and if it would be better than the olds one? Also which transmission should I use, again I'm not sure which one is in the Cadillac, I think it's original.

Thank you,


12-08-11, 08:15 PM
So I found out that the motor in the coupe is a 70's Olds Rocket 455 and that the transmission in it has a longer shaft.

Which motor do you think would go better? the Buick 430 or the Olds 455?

O and also does it make sense to use the short tranny and extend the drive line, or use the longer tranny? either way its getting rebuilt.

I'm a little lost..

12-09-11, 05:16 PM
If the motor in the car has been changed over to a Olds motor, and now that motor is bad I would go with another olds motor... That way there would be nothing to do but swap the motor...

12-10-11, 12:33 AM
I've decided to use the buick motor, because everyone seems to think better of it. As far as the tranny, I'm just leaving that alone for now.