: Buying new STS

11-05-04, 04:31 PM
Hello all, 7 months ago I purchased a 2004 SRX, loved the vehicle but my wife ahd a problem getting in an out ( she's 5'-4") I could either get a new wife or trade in the SRX, it seems either way I am getting beat...

I am looking at the STS here are the highlighted specs:
STS V8 luxury sports sedan
1SF luxury performance package
Multi-driver memory settings
Power adjustable lumbar
Heated/ventilated front seats
Heated outboard seats
Heated, wood steering wheel
Eucalyptus wood trim on center stack, console, ip, shift knob, door trim and steering wheel

Bose 5.1 studio surround sound with in dash 6 disc dvd changer and advanced dvd navigation

Rainsense wipers
Homelink garage door opener
Auto dimming isrv mirror
High intensity discharge (hid) headlamps
Intellebeam auto high beam control
Headlamp washer
17 polished aluminum wheels
Michelin p235/50r17 front,
P255/45r17 rear v-rated tires
Tire pressure monitor
Magnetic ride control
Express open/close sunroof
Rear spoiler
Trunk convenience net
Performance features
Limited slip differential
17 performance brakes
Performance cooling package

This car was used for several Cadillac Raod Shows it has 1900 miles mostly from pulling in and out of the car carrier. They say the list is 58,560.00. The sales manager is assisting on the deal as a favor, it is giving the car to me for

The big problem is the trade in on the SRX is 30,000.00 ( milage is 10,500) miles. The list price of the SRX was 49,500. This is a real hit.

Do you think that these numbers sound like I would be getting a good deal???

Any comments appreciated..............

11-05-04, 07:38 PM
I think your SRX is worth more than that in my area a 2004 SRX V8 AWD with 10,000 miles is worht about $42,000 according to KBB, private party. I suggest you do not do a trade in that is how you get ripped off. I would probably go for the STS its what the wife needs and it's better on the gas.

I assume that if you sold your SRX for 30k you would probably still have payments on that also. That is a great price for the STS, also the motor is broken in for you. My only worry would that the STS would have been abused during all those test drives. But I bet the STS is fine.

11-05-04, 10:12 PM
30K isnot a horrible price for trade in. YOu can buy a new 2004 srx V8 with a sticker of 49K for around 38-39K at present and there are a number of V8's available

11-05-04, 10:26 PM
His was 50,000 brand new only 7 months ago with few miles. I am just sayin he should sell it himself, get much more money :p

11-06-04, 06:43 AM

I wouldn`t give the SRX away for 30.000. Well the price for the STS with 50k is very good but for your trade in I would only do it if 34.000 is the number!

That`s my opinion - hope it helps.


11-06-04, 07:39 AM
Wait a minute.
You tell that the MSRLP of the STS is $58,600. You tell that they are discounting it to $49,000. You tell that the SRX was $49,500 ..... BUT
you DO NOT tell WHAT you paid (without tax) FOR the SRX, so it's incomplete. An important fact is missing, therefore I cannot tell you if is's good, fair or bad.

11-06-04, 01:07 PM
[QUOTE=wrduke]Hello all, 7 months ago I purchased a 2004 SRX, loved the vehicle but my wife ahd a problem getting in an out ( she's 5'-4") I could either get a new wife or trade in the SRX, it seems either way I am getting beat...


Can you get running boards for the SRX that would help her in and out.
I had to get tubes for the pick up truck so the wife could in and out easier.
It mite help or do you really really want the STS? :eyebrow:

11-06-04, 03:33 PM
whats the kelly blue book on the wife?
I wouldnt trade in the car......thats a 19K hit. May be sell it on your own......the sts is worth every penny. I love mine....

11-06-04, 05:52 PM

Thanks everybody for your comments. I bit the bullet today and traded in the SRX on the STS. I did get the dealer to up the trade in to 33000, which made the deal a bit sweeter.

The STS is an awesome vehicle. The 320hp Northstar has tremendous tourqe.

The only discouraging part is, eventhough the Sound system is outstanding the DVD is wonderful, it did not have XM. I am really happy that it had Bluetooth technology in the onboard phone system.

Thanks for all the comments.....


11-06-04, 05:58 PM

please please get us some pictures of teh STS now.

what does the wife think?

11-09-04, 01:08 PM

Sounds like you and I are in the exact same boat. My SRX is 5 months old (Stickered at $58, but I got it for $47 - it was a demo with 5k miles) and I just couldn't live with the huge door sills and the tranny lash on the AWD. I also hated the add-on XM - mine was an early-build with the Ultraview and no XM antenna......so, I just bit the bullet today and agreed to pickup a new STS.

I did lots of homework and no one here in Dallas (or almost anywhere in TX or OK) is doing much discounting on the 1SG STS. I picked up a new STS (Red Line w/Gray) with the ACC/HUD and 1SG - sticker $63.9 for $61. Not a huge discount, but it's better than a sharp stick in the eye.

My SRX has 11k miles on it and they just gave me $41.5 for it - which was about $100 more than the payoff - so I'm doing pretty well on this one for only owning it for 5 months. I'm sposed to pickup the STS on Thursday, 11/11. Can't wait.

I'm very concerned, tho, about all the production holds for the ACC/HUD, moonroof, Tuscany leather....it's not at all a positive sign when all the cool toys cause the car-build schedule to get pushed back. Wonder if I'm gonna regret having purchased this one.....it's just so dang neat. *sigh*

Well, best of luck with your new ride - let's hope we both don't wish we had the SRX's back!


BTW - My wife is 5'4", too....and she pointed out that "It's Cheaper to Keep Her"...the Caddy is only $60k, alimony is forever! *grin*

11-09-04, 01:44 PM
Hi bill,

as I said before, I would make the trade for 34 K but the 33 K you get for your SRX was a good deal. I hope your wife is happy now - she will love the new STS, believe it!



11-09-04, 01:51 PM
Hi John,

redline/gray looks so good! Do you have the 18 inch wheels (9 spoke) on?

Im still waiting for the new STS coming here to germany (jan/feb 05)

Ill get mine in moonstone/cashmere with HUD - 18 wheels - but no ACC
because here in germany I never use it on my other cars.

Traffic is too heavy and when the roads clear my cars have to move.

I hope you put some pics here.


11-09-04, 05:11 PM
Hey John,

I should have brought my SRX to Texas. Anyway! I love the STS.... that 320 HP and torque is awesome, and I agree no more wining from that AWD. Mine is Light Platinum with light gray interior. I did get the 18in wheels, didn't tell my wife because that raised it up a inch..... but she loves it.

I'll post a few pixs soon.


11-10-04, 10:25 AM
Not a huge discount, but it's better than a sharp stick in the eye.

I always hate it when I get a sharp stick in the eye. :D

Seriously, good luck with your new vehicles. Remember to post photos!

11-10-04, 11:50 AM
Yeah, Ormond, that sharp stick is a reall attention-getter - fer sher!

I plum forgot to take any pix of the SRX - never even occurred to me. I hafta run by the dealer on lunch today and drop off the wife's keys, so maybe I can get my camera phone to take a decent pic....assuming my SRX is still there - they sold it already!

I kinda got stuck with the Red/Gray (wanted Red/Black) because there are absolutely NO 1SG's within a 500+ mile radius of DFW, at least none with the ACC/HUD.

I agree with you, Harryctsv, about the ACC. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to use it here, mostly because the highways are mostly sit-and-wait-ways. If you hit 50MPH you're just screaming! I don't know what the wheels look like (altho the 1SG does have the 18's) - I'll find out tomorrow when I pick it up. I did get the window sticker off GMBUYPOWER from the dealer in Corpus Christi where the car currently sits.

My dealer here has a 1SG in the build queue, but they're being told it will be on-hold until January, with delivery in late-Feb or early-March.

My wife is pi$$ed as all get out cuz she can see no "real" reason to ditch the SRX in favor of the STS - even tho the payment is only gonna be $100/mo more with almost nothing out-of-pocket. She's got a new CTS with 4k miles on it and adores it - I think it's a nice car, but not spectacular. Of course, she has the 6-cyl and it's decidedly underpowered when compared to the V-8.....you gotta love all that power!

I'll try to get pix of all the family Caddies and get them up soon.