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12-07-11, 08:31 AM
Good morning all,

I know some of you have read my ongoing issues with my new (to me) 09 CTS4. I type this as I drove to work with a soaked passenger floorboard yet again. I have tried to clear the sunroof channels but have apparently failed as after 2 days of heavy rain they gave and I again have standing water and a smelly car on on the interior.. I have fought this now for 2 months of owning the car that I want to love so bad. I would lvoe to become a Cadillac guy (for my daily driver, my hot rods will always be Mopars) and this car is fundamentally wonderful, but I end up dreading driving the car I got with only 5xk miles and only a couple of years old.

I had someone on the forum private message me and tell me their CTS had this same issue and the dealer fixed it at 6xk miles as Cadillac was aware of it and had a "campaign" on it (this was the term his service writer used). Even worse my HVAC controls are now acting up/not working and I fear it's the prolonged moisture INSIDE my Cadillac. Add to that the smell and I feel my car is getting ruined by an apparent known design flaw.

All I request is that Cadillac take care of this please considering all the issues it has caused and the car is not far out of warranty. I would love them to fix the issues caused by it (floor smell and HVAC controls) but I don't know if Cadillac is that dedicated to the customer from what I've seen, even if it is a young person trying to decide if Cadillac is the right brand for him to stick with in the future.

All I request is you please direct my local dealership to fix this issue.....

Thank you.


12-07-11, 06:06 PM
As an update....

I just left work but had to come back in to get a cup and some towels. This evening now my front driver's floorboard has standing water a couple of inches deep! This is crazy! I just finished a 10 hour workday due to a power outage and having to get my network back in order and I have to deal with this! The interior roof is wet too for the first time. We have had exceptionally heavy rain the last 2 days. I don't know if it is simply clogged lines or if something else is going on but I beg you to please just have the dealership fix the issue. There is no reason at all a car this new should have standing water in all areas of the floor at various times. I feel like this has a strong chance of affecting not only my car but my health as well.

Breanne, I sent you my info and have an appointment at the dealer, Walters Cadillac here in Pikeville KY for Friday. Please advise them to solve this issue and those issues that arose from it.

Thank you.

12-08-11, 08:13 AM
A morning update.... Due to the incredible amount of moisture inside my car I could barely get any windows defrosted to see out to drive (increasing safety issue). Also my HVAC and radio control buttons again decided not to cooperate so I couldn't actually adjust any temperature/routing settings (safety again). Also the whole time I still had drops of water falling on me even though the rain had ended hours before. I honestly, honestly cannot believe this is happening. My 91 Eagle Talon with 200k miles (with a moonroof) never had non-functional safety related equipment like HVAC controls and never leaked a drop.

I parked in the front lot today instead of the administration/management parking lot because when I park there someone usually asks how I like the car (why not, it is beautiful after all?) but I didn't want to have to answer them or get questions about the perpetually steamed window...

I am willing to concede this was a design flaw and if Cadillac will fix the flaw and the resulting safewty issues (HVAC and moisture in car) that they will indeed actually stand behind their product which is more important than making a "perfect" car out of the gate.

12-08-11, 05:00 PM
I don't think it's a design flaw, otherwise everyone would be having the issue. It's likely a manufacturing flaw. Either way, they should indeed fix it. I hope you get it taken care of.

12-08-11, 10:50 PM
Touché Jimmy. But tomorrow they are having. Dealer look. It to get the issues fixed. I think they are going to fix the leak as well as the consequential issues of the electronic controls getting fouled out as well as the ruined carpet.

I am impressed! Now so long as thru truly follow through. I'll keep everyone updated.

12-13-11, 10:53 AM
Just an update....

I have no real updated. I made an appointment week before last for last Thursday.... Dealership said they had NO loaners and local Enterprise had NO rentals. Told me to take it Fri9day to work and they'd get a car and come get mine and drop me a loaner or rental off.... Called all day Friday, dealer said no loaners came in nor rentals.... Said bring Monday they'd pick it up. I park it out front in the open lot again. Somehow I get a tire now that is losing air from having to park in the public lot for 3 days versus the guard monitored/gated management lot.... They claim they can't get any loaner car nor rental again, bring the car to work today and they will get it and get me a loaner.... I can them this morning, now dealer is saying, after guaranteeing a rental for 5 days, that they don't think my engine troubles or anything else will cover a rental so I'll probably have to pay for a rental myself....

I am waiting for them to call back. Is this what Cadillac service is like? This is my first GM and I know Cadillac service would be the best of the entire brand, so I haven't had experience with it, but the local Dodge dealership on my also bought used 20k truck always gave me a loaner and ALWAYS kept appointments I made a week in advance, let alone promising day after day after day and not delivering. I

Sorry for venting but I am getting frustrated again and hoping this decision to join the Cadillac family wasn't a huge mistake....

12-13-11, 12:50 PM
Have you contacted the Cadillac Customer Care reps here on the forum?

they can expedite and push through some of these types of 'issues' that people sometimes run into with dealerships

your situation seems like it would warrant a much higher level of concern on your dealer's side and the Cadillac reps here can help your dealer realize that

12-13-11, 01:04 PM
Actually Breanne already contacted them, but they still don't seem too concerned.... Still no call back.

12-13-11, 01:12 PM
well stay in contact with her about this - beyond the dealer she will probably be your best chance at fixing this ... are there any other GM dealers nearby?

12-13-11, 01:24 PM
Breanne, could you contact the dealer? I have to have a loaner, I have no other way to work, but they are giving rain tomorrow and I still have 4 large towels soaked in my car from the last rain.

Thank you.

12-13-11, 05:22 PM
Dealership never called. Just talked to my Cadillac Service specialist Martin. Said he would contact the dealer tomorrow and get back with me. I am a bit nervous though as Martin didn't seem to get the extent of what needed fixed (aside from the leak itself is the carpets (possibly), the lectronics that have shorted out due to moisture,etc). I hope Cadillac Corporate steps up to the plate as I don't see the dealership doing much of anything on their own.

Oh, and the other GM dealership in the town is owned by the same family...

Cadillac Cust Svc
12-14-11, 11:58 AM
I am glad that you got ahold of your specialist. Let me know what they tell you when they call you back today. Hopefully its good news. Keep me updated.
Cadillac Customer Service

12-15-11, 11:16 AM
FInally got an update.

Martin Fishman told me Cadillac would NOT help me. Apparently he basically informed me Cadillac has the money for the car and once it reaches 50k miles they will NOT allow any leeway even on an obvious manufacturing defect. It did NOT Matter to him that this is causing major safety issues on a CADILLAC barely 2 years old. It seems that having a Cadillac doesn't afford me superior service as I had been told.

Actually I think about my 1999 Dakota I also bought used.The truck barely costed $20,000 new and I paid a good bit less than that used. The transmission started acting up at roughly the same mileage out of warranty as this car.but you know what? Dodge recognized that this was unacceptable and took care of me. They replaced the valve body and several sensors at NO CHARGE. Even though they had my money and technically the warranty was out, they had the caliber of customer service to realize you don't abandon your customers like Cadillac is doing to me now, even ona vehicle that cost 1/3 of what this CTS did when it rolled off the lot.

That wasn't even a safety issue like this is, so they didn't do it out of worry of lawsuits or bad press. The did it just because they actually believed in their product and supported it. If GM takes so little care of the customers of it's top brand, I am afraid that I made a jump onto a ship I shouldn't have. I basically feel I have put misguided faith in a company I obviously shouldn't have.

I know these cars are nice and I hope no one on the forum is angered by this as I have only posted factual statements here. I love the car, I do, but if such an obvious manufacturer issue that puts me and anyone else riding in my car at risk is not deemed an exception to a paper warranty, I just can't support it. I work in Management/Corporate for a Fortune 200 company, and if we treated our customers this way, with word spreading the way it does on the internet now, we'd be out of business or needing some kind of bailout rather quickly...


Also, the car is at the dealership right now but I have to pick it up this evening. It is giving rain today and tomorrow and since I have no garage I will have a flood inside my car very soon. I will snap some pics to share on the net of the water standing inside my 09 model loaded CTS soon.

12-15-11, 12:54 PM
i did not know that you were out of warranty ... that is a different situation altogether

how many miles out of warranty are you? and how many miles when it first happened?

usually service managers can 'goodwill' repairs when the car is just out of warranty and has a problem like this
but that depends on various other factors (for instance, how much they've goodwill'd recently and their standing with GM)
it also depends on the service managers themselves

the level of service that you get while under warranty should be about the same but some dealers are better than others
the level of service that you get once you're out of warranty totally depends on the specific dealer

i'm sorry that this situation hasn't ended very well for you but I do have a couple suggestions if you haven't already tried them
1 - i would suggest trying to speak with the service manager and asking about a goodwill
2 - if they can't do that then maybe they will split the repair with you - it can't hurt to ask

a friend of mine had an issue with his ford e250 van that should have been taken care of under warranty but he waited too long to take it in and mention the problem
it was a $2000 repair ... in the end the dealer got ford to cover half of the repair

we've done similar things here at our shop also ... sometimes we can goodwill the whole repair other times we can only offer partial coverage and other times we can't offer anything

12-15-11, 01:17 PM
I got the car with 59k miles and began trying to get it covered at that point. So about $9000. I honestly expected the goodwill to at least equal a 20k dollar Dodge pickup on a 50k+ Cadillac. I really thought being the flagship for GM would afford BETTER service than a pickup from Chrysler's non-premiere brand.

I just have to be honest, I am so shocked that this is even being an issue really....

12-15-11, 01:55 PM
sounds like you're being unreasonable to me - I'm shocked that this is has happened to your car, but it's a used car and these cars have been known to have sunroof problems

no manufacturer warranties items that far past the warranty without some special issue

for instance GM is covering certain fullsize truck and suv instrument clusters to 70,000 miles because of a software

Saturn Ions have a special coverage for fuel pumps and a couple other things too

but the original sticker price of the car has no bearing on how much a manufacturer is willing to bend over backwards for you
(usually the dealer is the one doing the bending anyways)

each warranty and goodwill situation is an individual case and you can't really compare one to the other unless you know all the details

i suspect your dodge was covered under some special coverage similar to the ones i just described

12-15-11, 02:24 PM
It appears that yes, my expectations are just too high for Cadillac.

12-15-11, 02:40 PM
Your expectations are too high for any manufacturer

you bought a car that was out of warranty - why should it be covered under warranty?

your logic doesn't make sense

12-15-11, 03:32 PM
I am just shocked from a business standpoint that something that would cost so little to the company but could hurt so badly when I have to tell everyone who asks about the car that "I like it but I couldn't buy another because I couldn't fathom not only having a car that left pools of water in my car that made my electronics go out (just because it is so much water it gets incredibly humid inside) and risk my safety that the company was unwilling to stand behind in such an extreme situation. Especially considering it is a flagship brand and the car was less than 10k miles out of full factory warranty and barely 2 years old.

Like I've said before. I wanted to love Cadillac, but compared to colleagues experiences with BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc and my own experience with such immensely better service at a Dodge dealership, I can't make that switch to Cadillac guy right now. Service, loyalty, and a commitment to the quality of the product even slightly beyond the B2B period if necessary is what I need out of a luxury brand.

12-15-11, 08:08 PM
I didn't realize you bought it used. I thought you had it since new. My bad for not reading your post thoroughly.

This makes more sense. I can't see any dealer doing a goodwill on a car you didn't buy new from them. I agree with you that you have a flaw, but the car is out of warranty and you aren't the original owner.

Goodwills are a great thing for dealers to do, but if they did them all the time, and especially to multi-owner cars, imagine the precedent they would be setting, and everyone would want every little thing fixed out of warranty. As I said, your problem probably deserves to be fixed under warranty, but I understand why they are not doing it.

12-16-11, 12:02 AM
In business there can never be black and white in quality issues this incredibly severe. I will take pictures and make notes for anyone interested in what Cadillac considers an acceptable lapse in quality on a 2 year old car. Again, I suppose I just chose the wrong manufacturer, and again, that depresses me greatly as I like the car dynamically so much.

12-16-11, 09:28 AM
"acceptable lapse in quality"
Cadillac didn't really say that to you did they?

that's what you're interpreting their response as


a 2009 is probably built in 2008 which makes it closer to 3 years old

plus mileage has a lot to do with it - which is why the warranties have mileage and time limits


what exactly is wrong with it anyway? is the sunroof leaking? are the drains clogged? is it a door weatherstrip?

and why can't your insurance pay for this? insurance takes care of flood issues all the time

12-16-11, 09:40 AM
The dealer wouldn't even look to see the issue after Cadillac Corporate talked to them. Corp. basically stated it didn't matter what the issue was, all that matters is warranty (yes, the call is recorded), period. While this is contractually true it is an INCREDIBLY poor way to do business (I say this with a business degree and working in administration for a larger company than GM).

The dealer "Suspects" a drain line has come loos because it "happens all the time". From what I gather on here it could be that, or the fact the line themselves were designed much too small for the sunroof size or that the lines become clogged due tot his size and also the design of the exiting ends. I also have a PM from a member who got thiis issue fixed at >50k miels because his dealer said they had a "campaign" on the moonroofs in these cars.

I didn't know insurance would cover faulty manufacturer parts/design but if they do they may be my only option (though I have a couple I am still exploring before that).

12-16-11, 09:53 AM
well it depends on the type of coverage you have ... i would call your insurance and tell them that your car has flooded from rain and see if they say it's covered

12-16-11, 10:33 AM
Fwiw I would still try another dealer explain the situation and see where that gets you.

As for the sunroof issues I know which thread you are talking about and you have take alot of that with a grain of salt. People on this forum often exaggerate so you can't use all the posts in that sunroof thread as definitive fact.

12-20-11, 10:38 AM

I can't get Martin Fishman, my district specialist, to return any calls for the past 5 days. Could you look into this? I need his confirmation before I can move forward.


12-21-11, 11:01 AM
6 days now and no luck getting Martin to call back.... This morning, due to the rain overnight in the middle lane on the 6-lane here my defroster would not come on. The moisture in the car messes with these electronics when it rains.... I guess the only "Up side" is if the rain keeps up I'll have some quality pictures to post up soon.

12-21-11, 11:15 AM
sounds pretty irresponsible of you to keep letting the car get soaked

sure it's not your fault the first time or two but after you know what's going on there's no reason for you to let it happen again

i hope you're not, but it kind of seems like you're trying to ruin the car or something

12-21-11, 12:27 PM
I am going to pay the dealership to fix the leaks, but they cannot get me in yet (they said the district specialist told them not even to look at it when they had the car in for it last time, so I have to have a new appointment with their "leak specialist"). I do want to get the district specialist to call back and confirm Cadillac's position for me.

As for the electronics, they have begun randomly acting up (I guess the damage is just done now) and I can't afford to replace all those part son my own tab right now so I don't have much choice there, I have to get to work.

12-22-11, 02:35 PM
Martin called today (after 1 week of no contact whatsoever and Breanne having to personally make contact) to confirm that despite the severity of the issue and the dangerous risk to safety Cadillac feels there money and care is best spent elsewhere.

I will try to scrounge up some cash to fix the car to the point where I'm not scare dof driving and decide what to do from there. Unfortunately at this point oal the people asking me about the car and Cadillac in general I must have a very negative response. I can take a car with a manufacturing/design defect and forgive, but I can't forgive a company who refuses to take ownership of it, even if their customer's safety is at risk.

I am unsure if I will keep the car short term or long term. If the company stood behind the car I'd surely keep it, but now I am afraid of keeping it and it be9ing so much more difficult to own compared withe other cars I've owned thus far. I honestly really wish I didn't like the car so much or I wouldn't have a hard decision to make.

I do want to thank everyone here for their help with all the issues I've had and hope to still stick around as it seems this board will be very necessary for me as Cadillac and the dealership have been very non-helpful except for Breanne who I also personally thank for her efforts. You are what the company should be.

I'll keep everyone updated on this in the future. I do have some pics to post up when time allows.

Thanks again to those who have helped.

12-28-11, 03:22 PM
Hey all. Hope your Christmas went well. Mine was good minus a few incidents with the car. First was when I had a visitor from one of our corporate headquarters in Cnicago visiting I needed to take to lunch, we had to take his rental as it had rained in the last couple of days and the car was not suitable to ride in. He had admired the car up to that point but I and to spend lunch explaining to him the issue and the service I received. Needless to say though there is no Caddy his pay grade would put off limits (in multiples), he will not be considering any despite my insistence that otherwise it was a great car..

Then yesterday my wife's Grandma came over for an after Christmas dinner out but we had to take her Corolla as it was raining and my passenger floorboard had standing water and the car was very odorous. Did get some great pictures for the collection I'm compiling, but was still quite an embarrassment to own this car...

What I am posting about though is to see what the average price charged to fix this is. The dealer still can't get me in to fix it (they've yet to do the reprogram I took it in for in early November, they claim they are waiting for parts to do it...), but amusingly the tech at the desk said it is probably a drain line ( or 2 in my case) that has come loose because they have to fix them "ALL THE TIME". They say that this costs a couple hundred to fix this. Does that sound right?

12-28-11, 03:55 PM
Drain line would be your cheapest fix and it would really be sad if it turned out that was it since the car has probably sustained a lot of damage since then due to the water

BUT... there is no telling how much other damage has been sustained until it can be disassembled - especially since you say the electronics act weird

you probably need at least a new carpet (or carpet section depending on how it's sold and how much damage there was)
it's possible that the carpet is salvageable and doesn't need replacing but all of these decisions can only be made by whoever is going to repair it (together with you)

it's a real shame that you couldn't figure out a way to keep it from flooding every time it rained since each time it got wet your repair price probably increased

sorry for your troubles and good luck with the repair

ps: have you tried other GM dealers in your area that aren't cadillac branded? it doesn't sound like the dealer you have been working with wants to work on your car

01-10-12, 12:16 PM
So after working 10 hours yesterday with some light rain having come through, I had the normal wet floorboards, but also I was physically getting water falling one me as if I was still outside... These pictures speak for themselves. Heavy rain coming tomorrow. Hoping to get a few more good pictures before I start my campaign with these. If Cadillac really considers this occurring to be "normal" and "expected maintenance" at 2 years/50k miles on their top tier cars, they will definitely have to justify and stand by their words soon....

01-10-12, 01:44 PM
what makes you think that anyone would consider this "normal" and "expected" ??

there's obviously a problem with the sunroof drain and/or seals

why it's taking you so long to fix is beyond me - you're just damaging the car further every time it rains

at least get some tape or something over the sunroof cracks or something

at this point it if I was you I would look into getting my insurance to cover this

01-10-12, 01:52 PM
I have to admit, it's pretty bad that this is happening on a 2 year old car. Even if it is out of warranty, it would behoov cadillac to take care of this.

01-10-12, 01:58 PM
Yes, I honestly can't believe they are allowing this to go unfixed plus apologizing to me....

I am still trying to get the dealer to take it in and even quote the fix for me...

I say Cadillac and GM consider it normal because the district rep told me it was an out of warranty maintenance issue, hence they don't see any reason to cover this normal maintenance issue.... It's unbelievable...

01-10-12, 02:42 PM
Sorry, I really don't have the time (okay, I just don't want to :D) to reread this thread. What are they saying is the "normal maintenance"?

01-11-12, 02:01 AM
Sorry, I really don't have the time (okay, I just don't want to :D) to reread this thread. What are they saying is the "normal maintenance"?I have been having some of the same issues with leaks in multiple places as DAPurple has but mine is luckily still covered under the Certified Warranty. I was told that keeping the drain hoses cleared is considered normal maintenance but all of the fixes done to mine were manufacturing or build defects for hoses that came loose from the fittings and leaks from a poorly sealed sunroof plenum. There were about four separate leaks in the trunk as well and I have had two leaks related to the HVAC system: a blocked drain line for some reason and three months later, both air intakes were taking on water and had to be sealed at the base of the windsheild. I understand DAPurple's frustration as my car smells also and I have been waiting for one of the front rugs to come in since September due to back order so they can replace the set and get rid of the odor. It is the possible future issues with electronic components after the warranty is over that has me scared and how they treat me now will determine if I buy another GM product in the future. I am trying to give them a chance and I love the car.

01-11-12, 08:15 AM
Yes, the dealer told me they wouldn't do a thing for a sunroof. They sent me a letter wanting me to buy an extended warranty through them for about $4000 for another 4xk miles. I called and aksed if they covered the moonroof. Answer was no way, now how.

Cadillac Corporate told me basically anything after 50k isn't their concern or responsibility. To me, that means they consider that when major issues shoudl start occuring which is HORRIBLE. Beyond that, as you've said they are defects caused BY Cadillac, and ones that they and their dealers are knowlefgeable of. Mine are causing me safety issues as well and they still feel it's better to deny fixing their own mistakes.

I am in the same boat as you about GMs and loving the car. As of now though, I will steer WELL clear of them and advise all I come in contact with to do the same. My friend was looking at Malibus but I made sure to steer him away. He has since purchased a new Kia Optima and loves it.

Cadillac, where are you???

01-11-12, 06:38 PM
If cleaning the drain hoses for the sunroof is something that is supposed to be maintained, then I am never again buying a car with a sunroof. Then again, I always try to find cars without sunroofs anyway. On performance cars though, they are hard to find.

01-11-12, 11:45 PM
I cleaned the hoses myself.... If only it were that simple. Cadillac won't even acknowledge me now... I guess the customer is always wrong, not to mention totally important to GM..... Sad day for a once great American company, and I say that working for a larger American company that is still great because it puts customers FIRST....

01-12-12, 08:30 AM
Also, for those who think I'm just "complaining" too much over a 2 year old car flooding, here are some things I have mostly looked over because I like the car:

-Console creaks
-I was actually startled by the moonroof howl at 70 the first time I heard it. Sounds like ghosts flying by.
-Front left wheel doesn't hold air well. Car has no vibration. I saw there is a TSB on this model for wheels not holding air well
-Headlights have a bit of shake.as others have noted on here.
-The miss that it's had since I've got it despite two visits to the dealership for the issue.
-A stereo/NAV system that has frozen and needed restarting twice.
-Other glitches here and there.

01-12-12, 11:25 AM
-Console creaks

I have had interior creaks and noises on every car I have ever owned. Cars are dynamic machines. Things are going to shift. I have learned to live with it.

-I was actually startled by the moonroof howl at 70 the first time I heard it. Sounds like ghosts flying by.

I have had noises on other cars with sunroofs I have owned. I think it is something you are just going to have to live with. One of the many reasons I dislike sunroofs.

-Front left wheel doesn't hold air well. Car has no vibration. I saw there is a TSB on this model for wheels not holding air well

Tire simply needs to be unmounted and remounted on the wheel. That will fix it.

-Headlights have a bit of shake.as others have noted on here.

Xenon lights? All xenon lights have this. It's in the nature of HID lighting. There are what's called "halides" suspended in the gas, and they "quiver".

-The miss that it's had since I've got it despite two visits to the dealership for the issue.

Engine miss? That's unacceptable. The should fix that.

-A stereo/NAV system that has frozen and needed restarting twice.

Should have been replaced, but I think you are out of luck on that one.

01-12-12, 11:44 AM
Oh yeah Jimmy, that was a list of things I'd LIKE fixed, but I am not going to campagin about them like the leaking and could live with (aside from the miss the dealer has been in the process of fixing for 2 months (see my Moonroof through in the CTS forum for details on that).

They were kind of just pointing out to some people I am not complaining for the sake of complaining. I truly believe this one particular fault is absolutely unacceptable while other minor ones may be (though to some more picky than I they wouldn't be).

01-13-12, 04:23 PM
I agree totally with you regardless of warranty or miles a two year old car moonroof should not be leaking that much or at all. They should take care of it. I bought my 07 Escalade from a VW dealership and had some issues with it regardless of miles and no warranty and I had owned the SUV for two months at the time the VW dealership fixed the issues at zero cost to me and gave me a loaner.

01-13-12, 04:25 PM
I also say buy a cover for it if u don't want to tape the roof.

01-13-12, 05:11 PM
Ah well, it seems GM doesn't see this is as especially unique enough to fix, which is kind of disheartening in itself if you think about it.

01-13-12, 05:59 PM
Ah well, it seems GM doesn't see this is as especially unique enough to fix, which is kind of disheartening in itself if you think about it.

seems more like it's too unique - probably less than 1% of these cars have this problem ... you're out of warranty and your dealer isn't willing to help out
i'm sorry for your situation but that's just the reality of it... so lets get moving forward and fix this once and for all, okay?

i just went back and read your initial water leak thread started back in november ... lots of good info there ...

did you ever get a wire to come out the bottom of the right front drain?

also did you figure out if it's a clogged drain or a disconnected drain hose?
(if i had to guess i would say disconnected drain hose)

01-13-12, 11:00 PM
I've got most all the pictures, videos, notes, recording, messages, etc to do my write up to post to various locations online and elsewhere so I am pretty ready to fix it.... IF the dealer will ever take it in and check it even o tell me what is wrong. I too suspect a disconnected line.... Also, if it was incredibly abnormal it seems Cadillac would chalk it up to a manufacturing flaw and fix it ASAP. Also could you elaborate on where you got your <1% figure? Looking through the numerous threads on hi site and judging by messages sent to me that number is not even close.

01-14-12, 09:21 AM
in the thread that you started (the one I linked in my last post) WillK mentions the 1% number - he is a sunroof engineer for GM so I'm going to have to take him at his word

It only takes one case well broadcasted to create the impression that it happens on many cars, but my information tells me that this has happenned on far less than 1% of vehicles.

and if you don't take him at his word, because he works for GM he might be biased...
but it also makes sense if you do the math (we'll guess a bit here but play along)

how many CTS's have they sold since the 2008 re-design? roughly 200,000 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cadillac_CTS#Sales)
then what percentage has sunroofs? (50%? i would guess this might actually be higher than 50%)
then of those how many would it take to make this a 1% problem? 1,000

1000 - that's a lot of people
and i'd be willing to bet that you couldn't find 100 forum members who've had the same problem as you
and the forum skews towards people who have problems (not nearly as many people seek out the forum to report that their car is working just fine)

so "far less than 1%" seems to me like a very plausible and possible number

i suggest you go back and re-read that thread for a refresher on fix ideas (especially WillK's posts - he's a sunroof engineer, remember?)

01-16-12, 09:25 AM
I've tried cleaning the lines which is the only easily checked at home fix.

Do these cars have a prevalent trunk leak issue as well? A coworker saw me go to mine Friday and after asking if it was mine I said yes but explained my horrendous issue and disatisfaction. Turns out he and his wife havew a '10 AWD and is similarly disgruntled as they faced a fairly severe trunk leak that GM again seemingly didn't want to fix until he fought with them.

Do the trunks leak too?

01-16-12, 10:41 AM
I have been having some of the same issues with leaks in multiple places as DAPurple has but mine is luckily still covered under the Certified Warranty.
Correction---I meant to say "Bumper to Bumper" Warranty. Once that expires in May 2012, the Certified Warranty kicks in for two extra years but is basically a powertrain warranty that covers electrical components as well. Trim items are excluded plus any trunk, interior, or sunroof leaks that occur will no longer be covered. I cringe every time it rains but enjoy driving the car in the rain as it handles really well eventhough it is only RWD. Excellent chassis on this beast but poor body design.


Do these cars have a prevalent trunk leak issue as well? Do the trunks leak too?
Mine had multiple trunk leaks but I think this seems to be more an assembly problem. I really think some employees were very upset with GM when they were putting these together so they were careless (built when a bankruptcy was looming) so some have issues and some do not depending who did the assembly. As I wrote in the other threads, watch the tail light areas, plastic tag mounts in the trunk lid can leak, the third brake light in the lid leaked and needed a silicone type sealant, make sure the rear drain hoses from the sunroof are attached to the grommets on both sides and not leaking into the trunk, and make sure the rubber trunk lid seal is on tight. Oh and they also put a sealant on the driver side white tab that holds the bumper assy to the trunk. This can be seen behind the side panels under where the tail lights are. The dealer missed this leak and I found it after a rain and had them fix it.

01-16-12, 10:42 AM
loosend, I love mine in the rain (minus the horrible bog pulling out which should be fixed if I ever get my ECU reprogram. I was also impressed with my AWD in the bit of snow we've gotten too.

Just cringed/frustrated when it precipitates due to the leaks.