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12-05-11, 09:51 PM
I purchased a 2011 SRX three months ago and was able to pair my 2008 Blackberry phone without any problems. My entire contacts/phone book transfered as well. The problem started on Friday when I upgraded my cell phone to a Samsung Epic 4G. How can I get my new nice 2011 vehicle to bring in my contact lists from my new nice 2011 phone? I called the GM customer service and the receptionist was not understanding my problem. Can anyone please help me with this feature? I would love to use the modern technology with the modern vehicle without trying to speak 50 numbers into the store feature of my car.

12-06-11, 07:54 PM
Ok, I guess I'll be taking my new phone back to Sprint and they want to charge me to take the phone back. I looked for a solution to this problem for hours and still no answers. I just can't believe I will not be able to use my new phone with my new luxury vehicle. Even more frustrating is I was not able to get help from GM Customer Service, Sprint Customer Service, or through this thread. I read the manual over and over and still no known solution. I have deleted the phone and repaired it three times and still no contact list. I am so disappointed with how Cadillac designed this feature in the 2011 SRX.

12-07-11, 08:09 AM
From what I understand, the cell phone book does not get transferred to the vehicle's system. It links up with your cell phone's contact list.
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12-08-11, 05:37 PM
If it worked with your old phone, but not your new phone, it would seem obvious the phone is at fault. Some phones do not support bluetooth push. Some do. And some phones that do might not do it in a way the SRX bluetooth understands. Bluetooth is a very hit or miss technology. But it's getting better.

doesn't sprint give you a 30 day return policy?