: 2001 SLS Non-Bose/No CD Changer: Is there still a wiring harness there?

12-05-11, 01:43 PM
Thanks, everyone, for allowing me to be a part of this forum. I feel like I should write a check for at least part of the money this placed saved me while I was shopping.

I ended up buying a nice 2001 SLS, and I'd like to use an iPod with it. I've read lots and lots about the various opions available, but I haven't been able to find out if the empty wiring harness I see under the shift lever bezel is for the non-existent CD Changer.

I assume the car has the non-Bose system - At least I cannot find the word Bose anywhere on the equipment.

Incidentally the cars has both heated seats and traction control, and those harnesses are accounted for.

Any help would be appreciated.

12-05-11, 03:58 PM
Further research tells me that it's very likely the correct harness..... Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

12-05-11, 04:10 PM
I feel like it's not a Bose system because on my friends Deville that I did, the stock head unit (stereo) had Bose straight on the front of it.

But that's just coming from a install I did on his system. I claim to be no Guru lol

12-10-11, 07:38 PM
BOSE/Base all have at least the provision for the CD changer, so that cable you mentioned is indeed the CD changer cable as long as is 1 row of 10 pins (with one missing pin on position 4).

12-12-11, 08:26 AM
Got it! Thanks.

(Now I have to take care of the "severe Misfire/0300 code that just popped up...)

12-14-11, 08:18 AM
What's the mileage on the sparkplugs?
By any chance the sparkplugs are not AcDelco (you are in trouble especially if you have Bosch Platinum 4)?