: GM Parts to Calgary- Alberta

12-04-11, 11:53 AM
Hi everyone ,

I would like to share some information with the group . Before I take the big decision of buying online for this amount of many and without knowing what was going to happen I did my homework . Even-though the uncertainness was still there, I decided to buy because of the customer service and felt comfortable buying online. On a side note "the saving" that I got for that.

Big Thanks to Christ from "Rippy Cadillac" for his valuable advise. He wasn't be able to sell me the parts but he helped me to pick the correct part numbers before I sent out the part list to get quotes and estimates prices .

I highly recommend Gene Culley from www.gmpartshouse.com He is not only a business man is also and honest person and help me to take the decision eliminating road blocks. When I had a doubt he sent me an email back in hours or even before that .

If you have any question about this experience , send me an email

Question for the group ,anyone knows where to get a valid and trust-able source of part number Vs Names ?

Thanks ,


12-05-11, 07:55 AM
I have purchased parts from Gene before (his company is not too far from my PA home) but you have to look around, some times E-bay is good, some times your local dealership and some times you just have a scan the internet. :)