: Bluetooth auto switching?

12-04-11, 10:44 AM
On my 2010 SRX we used to have two old Motorola Razr V3's paired, and they worked fine, and would "auto switch" between the phones as needed. Now we have two LG Optimus-T's, they paired just fine, however, you have to select which phone you want to use, even if the other phone is not in that car...Am I missing something? Is there a setting that I have forgotten about?

12-04-11, 11:48 AM

12-06-11, 11:15 AM

Huey Driver
12-08-11, 02:53 PM
according to the manual, it says if multiple paired phones are in range, the system will use whichever was paired first. this has me thinking that PERHAPS the system might have a little trouble distinguishing two identical phones. In theory, they have different bluetooth addresses, but if the 'name' is the same, it might be a bug in the system. In the pairing instructions, they talk about how you pair to a device called 'Your Vehicle' on your phone. In the same way, your phone has a simple name used by the vehicle. Not sure if that can be changed in some deep setting on the phone, and then re-paired. Just a SWAG...