: 2003 Deville engine start problem

12-03-11, 10:29 PM
Whats up guys im new to this forum,Im hoping yall can help me out
I have a 2003 cadillac deville one morning it would not start i only got one click sound,
so i checked all the battery cables they were clean and tight,i had the battery checked and it was good,
so after i put the battery back in it still would not start just got the same one click!
So i turned the igntion like i was going to start it but not all the way,
i did that about 4 times and now the car has been cranking fine for over a week,
can anybody help me to know what the problem could have been and do you think its safe to be driving or
could there be something still wrong with it,again thanks for any help anybody can give me...thanks

12-04-11, 12:35 AM

Start by pulling the DTC's. Post them AND their definitions. See the DTC sticky if you need instructions.

12-04-11, 09:00 AM
Could be the starter solenoid sticking. Conventional way to test it is to rap it with a hammer when it won't start. The vibration might get the solenoid moving so it will engage the starter. It is tough to do this easily on the northstar since the starter is under the intake. I had a Chrysler van with the same symptoms. It would start occasionally and other times just get a single click. Whacked the solenoid with a hammer and it would start up. You can replace the solenoid on the starter, but it is easier to just swap to whole thing. Pull it out and have it tested at an auto parts store.

12-04-11, 01:55 PM
Yes, getting at the starter is good fun on these cars !!:thepan:

12-04-11, 11:57 PM
thanks for all the replys,yeah i know that starter would be a pain to get too,i pulled the codes i didnt have any current ones,also the car was very low on gas when this happend but not all the way out,like i say its still cranking fine but it was just that one day it would not start untill i turned the switch back and forth about 4 times and now it has been cranking fine

12-05-11, 11:24 AM
Getting to the starter is not as hard as it sounds.

12-05-11, 10:55 PM
Remove the beauty cover, (depends on the year) remove the fuel line and injectors as a set, and remove the intake. Done - the starter is right there. 30 minutes top to get to the starter.

12-06-11, 07:55 PM
I leave the injectors in the intake...why take em out?

12-06-11, 08:10 PM
As I said, I think it depends on the year. On my 2000 the fuel line blocks the ratchet access to the manifold bolts.

04-03-12, 08:18 AM
I realize I'm a little tardy to the party, but was this issue ever resolved? I have the exact same issue on a 2003 DHS. I'm about to take the intake off and take a look at the starter, but if this turned out to be a ground issue, I'd rather not...