: How to use Bluetooth for audio as well as phone calls

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12-04-11, 03:36 PM
Oh man. Is this some kinda of joke? I discovered this board and came here looking for an answer for playing Pandora through BT and the only post that sounded like it says "test".

12-04-11, 03:54 PM
I don't believe GM's infotainment systems have the Bluetooth a2dp protocol that allows for audio over Bluetooth... At least not yet

edit: apparently it has been added (read on)

12-04-11, 06:26 PM
Well what da ya know. I wrote the guy a PM who had "test" and he told me how to do it. Thanks Rippy guy, but there's more to it than meets the eye.

12-04-11, 07:02 PM
interesting ... what was the process?

12-04-11, 07:04 PM
From the 2012 SRX manual:

Connecting a Bluetooth®
Before a Bluetooth device can be
connected to the infotainment
system, it must first be paired to the
system. Not all Bluetooth devices
can be paired to the infotainment
system. Before pairing the Bluetooth
device, become familiar with its user
guide for Bluetooth functions. The
system only connects to Bluetooth
devices that support A2DP
(Advanced Audio Distribution
Profile) version 1.2.

a2d2 is actually a2dp. (r2d2 and c3po aside:bouncy:). Based on that, a Version 1.2 device should work, but ymmv (Your milage may vary). I do not have car to test with to see for myself...

12-04-11, 07:07 PM
yeah, a2dp ... previous post edited for correction - thanks

12-05-11, 06:20 PM
interesting ... what was the process?

Hey man, you have to buy this 3rd party gadget that costs about $40 and plugs into your Aux-In port. It's powered by a USB cable connection which is also in the console. Can't wait till mine arrives. Bought it on Amazon.com.

12-05-11, 10:56 PM
Well of course that will work. That's like a workaround. I thought you were talking about built-in Bluetooth a2dp capabilities.

12-06-11, 05:02 PM
Well of course that will work. That's like a workaround. I thought you were talking about built-in Bluetooth a2dp capabilities.

Hey man, as long as I don't have those wires dangling everywhere.

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12-08-11, 06:46 AM
so what is this part called so i can investigate if i want to invest lol....also does it show songs on screen and can you change song with steering wheel because will be a deal breaker for me when i can do all that by using the cord that comes with my iphone for free and of course you are charging as well...

12-08-11, 10:53 AM
None of that will work... it's just using the aux input (audio only)

12-08-11, 04:46 PM
Ok....so sounds to me this is just a little "block" that was used before a lot of phones had Bluetooth almost 10 years ago because I remember my friend having a sprint flip phone that he plugged a "block" with a 3.5mm plug into his headphone port just so he could keep up with the times but I think I will past on that, I think that's going backwards if you have an iPhone but I completely understand if your phone DOESN'T work via USB but I know it's a clean look to not have wires but what trouble to put wire back in console when exiting vehicle....but ejoy and I will hope we will get some type of software update that supports Bluetooth audio

12-10-11, 06:50 PM
Now that sales of Android-based phones have exceeded sales of the iPhone, when are car manufacturers going to get it through their heads that supplying an Apple-only interface is not making many of their customers' happy? I would not mind using the USB cable to connect to my phone but, of course, it's not an iPhone. I'm not going to argue the merits of Android vs iOS but I much prefer the larger selection of phones and screen sizes available on the Android-based phones and I'm not stuck with AT&T and Verizon as my only carriers.

12-10-11, 07:40 PM
Hey Trippy you are very correct when it comes to sales of the android phones vs apple but far as the most common mp3 you see people own is still an apple rather it's the classic iPod or iPod touch but between the 3 those are pretty common and you have the aux input for the others....I'm not saying I agree but I buy accordingly...

Huey Driver
12-11-11, 12:14 PM
This is kinda like the debate about the backup camera...

Now, I get that we all want a perfect car, and that we want it to do everything, for low cost. But what do you REALLY want this system (whether bluetooth or camera) to do??? If you are streaming audio (like pandora, etc) then I would just say 'use the aux audio input'. If you are just playing MP3s from the phone, buy a $20 USB stick at radio shack and use that instead. True, it would be nice if you could get digital over BT or USB, but it doesn't, wasn't designed to, and wasn't advertised to. It would be nice if you could read the VIN on the car behind you using the backup camera, but why? It serves a basic function (when it isnt wet) and there's an old fashioned mirror with a nice clear picture.

I'm not trying to degrade those who want more. I think its a good thing to provide opinions to GM and other manuf. But I bet the lead time for design is a little longer than most think, and (in this case) smartphones keep adding capability faster than other technologies can use it. The google/amazon/apple clouds for music really just stood up in the past 6 months or so. Can't expect GM to think of the technology before its invented...

Huey Driver
11-25-12, 12:31 PM
Ok, hard to believe there hasnt been any action on this in a year! But I'll bump my own post.
Recently I updated my rooted HTC EVO 4G to the Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS, v4.0.4) build. Because of all kinds of improvements, I started thinking about the possibility of some emulator or bluetooth address cloning I could do to trick the GM interface into thinking that my phone and my BT MP3 device were two different things.
From the 2012 SRX manual: A Bluetooth phone with MP3 capability cannot be paired to the vehicle as a phone and an MP3 player at the same time.
With all the talk about patching and updating CUE, I realized it would be far easier to use my phone to trick the car.
Well, I didnt even need to go that far! I paired my phone using the normal procedure described in the 'Auxiliary Devices' section of the manual as a streaming audio device (it had previously been paired as a phone) and everything seems to work fine! I can stream audio (so far, only tried Google Play Music app, that streams your MP3s from the cloud) just fine. If a call comes in, it suspends and the GM interface announces the call and I can answer normally. For outgoing, I just had to select the 'Phone' button on the dash, just hitting the call button on the wheel didnt give any option other than using onstar's calling. As soon as I hang up, it goes back to streaming audio.
I will continue to play with it more, to try and understand whats going on. Perhaps newer versions of Android have the right versions of A2DP or maybe, as I said, the car just thinks its two different devices. Regardless, I thought some (if they havent tried and succeeded already) might be interested.
I used the instructions in the manual, in the online version on pg 7-31 (or page 221 of the adobe file). I actually had a thumb drive with music on it plugged in to the USB in the console at the time, and nothing plugged into the aux audio input. I have a '12 Luxury with (I'm pretty sure) the base radio. Dont know the RPO, but its the model with AM/FM/XM and a single CD, no internal storage.