: What exactly is a "base model" Deville ?

12-03-11, 01:52 PM
I have a 98 Deville D'Elegance, and I was reading another thread that pointed here (http://www.arnottindustries.com/part_CADILLAC_Air_Suspension_Parts_yid6.html) I don't have a Concours, so i have to assume that my car is the "base model" in that list? :banghead:

12-03-11, 04:28 PM
There were three trim levels for that era Deville: Base, D'Elegance, and Concours.

Base and D'Elegance share the same drivetrain (LD8/4T80E(3.11:1)) 275hp/300lb*ft. FE1 with passive suspension. D'Elegance package has fancy bells and whistles (two tone side molding, rear seat vanity mirrors, lumbar seats, CD/Tape deck, active audio 11 speakers, and things like that). Base model has Deville lettering on the side and D'Elegance package has letterings at the end sides of the car. D'Elegance sort of falls into the Base Deville area because it has no difference in drivetrain/suspension between Base and D'Elegance.

Concours has a different drivetrain (L37/4T80E(3.71:1)) 300hp/295lb*ft, has CVRSS and FE3 combination, grill mounted emblem and a set of fog lights. It no longer has bench seats, it's equipped with bucket seats and a console mounted gear shift. Analog IPC, Concours badge next to Deville lettering.

12-03-11, 05:50 PM
Ok, thanks alot Maeng !! :worship::worship:

12-03-11, 09:20 PM
And it changed in 2000. 2000-2005 it was Base Deville, DTS & DHS. I think in '06 they all became DTS's with different levels. :bigroll: