View Full Version : Christmas List - Part Sourcing?

12-02-11, 10:58 PM
I'm working on a Christmas list to give to my Fam and wondered if you'd be able to confirm availability of parts and likely prices. If it'd be easier to email, let me know.

2004 V - Black on Black
GPS/Radio Buttons - Band, Disc, Audio, Nav, Info, Load, Main, 6 buttons on right side with white dot, seek/scan button - recall seeing $8 a piece, but not certain about the other ones that aren't the Nav buttons.
GPS Faceplate - coating is chipping/peeling off - can this even be replaced?
V Emblems - driverside, passenger side, and trunk
Cadillac Emblem - Grill
Seat Memory Button - Driver side door panel - the one with the 1 / 2 on it.
Sunroof Knob
Trunk Lid Hinges
Owner's Manual - any way to get one of these still?
UUC Shifter & Bushings
Tire Pressure Sensors - all 4

Not certain if you source these products or not:
CS rear diff bushing
CS motor mounts
GForce Axle - Passenger side

Thanks in advance. I've got photos of most everything if needed to confirm specific parts.

12-07-11, 09:14 PM
Wanted to say thanks to Luke for the help on this. Got with him over email and all is in line. Let's hope I get everything I want :)