: New 1SE - Free Flow Options?

11-04-04, 11:21 PM
I just a new 1SE. I absolutely love the car. The ride and handling are amazing, and Northstar seems to get quicker every mile:)

I had wanted a few options, but the only car my dealer had with them included lots of others that didn't interest me.

I wanted magnetic ride control, limited slip differential, and bigger brakes, plus HUD. I didn't want mized size wheels/tires, 3.42 FDR, or radar cruise control.

I drove the 1SE and ride/handlng was perfect, so decided I could go without mrc, car got the line quickly and well, so didn't need LSD or 3.42 gears, and braking was excellent.

I am curious though, would it be possible to have options like MRC or 17inch brakes "retrofited" to the car?

I think the mechanical aspects would be simple enough, but computer may need reprogramming.

I also wouldn't want to void warranty or violate lease conditions.

Would a dealer be able to install these under warranty?

Would this be extremely expensive?

Does Caddy plan any dealer installed performance options?

11-28-04, 12:57 AM
Bump for answers or comments!

I see caddy already has exhaust and wheel options for STS, and at sema had a brembo brake kit for SRX.

Does anyone know if there are additional factory performance parts planned for STS?

11-28-04, 03:47 PM
You're better off trading in and buying a new STS than attempting an MRC retrofit...

Did you get Xenon lights at least? Those look great on the STS.