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12-01-11, 11:54 AM
On two occassions now, our ESV has done soemthing weird. The climate control does appear to function. No matter the temp setting, it seems to blow hot air. Turning the temperature down does not work. At the same time on both occasssions, it looks like the outside temp sensor (in the rear view mirror) is not working as well. It reads a temp but, it appears to be wrong and not updating. Anyone seen this before. Thanks, Mark

12-01-11, 12:54 PM
Yea my 2007's the outside temp readout was really bad in terms of tell the proper temp, on a day where say it was 20 degrees and my truck was in the garage, it would read the garage temp for a good hour after it was out side, I can say since I have had every year since and including 2007's that they were the worst in terms of read the right outside temp. Not sure about your other issue in terms of getting hotter as your turn up the temp, never had that issue on any

Cadillac Cust Svc
12-01-11, 03:43 PM
Have you taken the ESV into the dealer yet to have it diagnosed? and do you know if the vehicle is still within warranty? IF you want to send me your VIN number and name I can try and research this for you as well.
Cadillac Customer Service

12-01-11, 04:51 PM
It is out of warranty by time, not by miles. I have not taken it in yet because at this point, I do not think we can reproduce it on a regular basis. Not sure is a scan would report anything or not. IF it happens a little more frequently, I will be sure to take it in.

12-01-11, 08:46 PM
emseedee , if you are saying that your ac will not come on and the ambient temp reading is also inaccurate , the two are linked. You can do an instant update of the ambient temp by pressing the AC and recirc buttons on the HVAC panel. This link has some good info on how the system works. http://www.sandyblogs.com/techlink/2011/07/instant-update-of-the-ambient-temperature-sensor.html

12-02-11, 11:37 AM
THIS IS IT!!! Thanks for the info. I think both times were the case with a short stop and it warmed up pretty good between ignition starts as it describes.

Thanks for hte info...awesome.

01-07-12, 09:38 PM
I just purchased a used 07 Escalade with 66K miles on it and am also having problems with th A/C & Heater. No matter what temp I set it to, it will blow hot and cold air like it has its own mind. It is very frustrating as I just want it to work like any normal A/C. Any suggestions?