: Wanting to lower my 08 Escalade. What's the best way & who has the best prices?

11-30-11, 05:17 PM

I am wanting to lower my 08 Escalade to get rid of the fender gap between the top of my tires and the fenders. I was thinking a mild 2/3 drop due to the 24" wheels with
285/40/24 tires. Any suggestions and places to buy from would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

12-03-11, 12:52 PM
I wanna know too! Kits/Options??

12-19-11, 07:33 PM
I have already used groundforce on 07 ESV, it was ok, rode a little harder than stock esp w 24" wheels.

I am now building an 07 bluechip truck and am going to use the beltech 4/4 drop!!!! I am planning on running 24" wheels, its also getting a 15" baer 4 wheel disc brake kit w/ 6 piston calipers as i am a Baer dealer they set me up with a kit!

12-20-11, 02:15 AM
I was going to do this but because I finally solved all my rubbing issues I had with the 26's I'm thinking I shouldn't risk opening up an big can of worms. I did a bit of research and I would've gone with the 2/3 kit with spindles up front and springs in back with the shock extenders. this setup should help you keep it very close to factory ride. There are lots of options on ebay at decent prices. Lots of threads about this if you search a bit too.

12-20-11, 10:10 AM
Quattrotman- I just installed a 2-4 drop wit spindles on front. How did u correct rubbing issue.

12-21-11, 02:43 AM
Quattrotman- I just installed a 2-4 drop wit spindles on front. How did u correct rubbing issue.

Lots of heating and trimming of the inner liners. Had to relocate my washer fluid bottle a bit too. The worst rubbing was on the inner front side of both liners. Heated them with heat gun but ultimately had to cut out some of the liner and plastic bumper bracket behind it. It's ok, that stuff is all plastic, non functional/structural and hidden from view so it was no biggie. won't rust as it's all plastic under there. Just took a while. Still just barely touches on the passenger side on full lock but that's it. Rear also touches the inner liners when fully loaded or on dips in the road. That'll be fixed when I put my 1" spacers on the rear to bring the wheels out like the fronts. I am afraid to lower it though because I think it will be a nightmare with rubbing. It looks like it could work and seeing that, in front, there is more room if the wheel is further in the wheelwell ...I just don't want to have problems so I'm going to leave it alone.