: Tune up/looking at '94 Fleetwood Brougham this weekend

11-04-04, 07:35 PM
Check this out:


This is a different item that claims the $1000.00 dollar tune up.

It also states that it has Duel Master Cylinders? This is a 1996, I am looking at the 1994 Fleetwood Brougham this weekend!!! Im trying to get as much info as I can.

11-05-04, 06:29 PM
So how can we help you?

That '96 on eBay is a VERY good price....but, a few things I noticed.
For the asking price (very low) in this case, with only 108K miles, it already has a "new" transmission. That sounds like it was driven VERY hard, or was never maintained.

There are a lot of items listed on the maintenance list for such a low asking price in my opinion. Yes, a factory tuneup on an LT1 ('90s vintage) will run about $1,200.

It's great to have all those items listed on the maintenance list, but I would like to see actual receipts. When was the tune up done, trans replaced, etc.

That's my 2 cents.

11-05-04, 10:24 PM
I was only discussing the price of the tune up...

As far as having the tranny rebuilt because of being ran hard, I will say this, the 1994 Fleetwood Brougham im hoping to look at tommorow or Sunday has 100k miles on the clock and has already had the transmission rebuilt on it, apparently it was having "trouble" going into reverse.

11-06-04, 09:55 AM

I wasn't sure what info you were looking for, so I may have gone a little over the top.
Good hunting for your car. I hope that '94 is a good one.

I guess I've been lucky with my vehicles over the years, but I've never had too many transmission problems, none prior to 100k on any vehicle I've ovned. THose have been mostly GM.

11-07-04, 09:55 PM
I had a trans go in my '90 Grand Marquis at 86,000. Rebuilding it was the first mistake, shoulda sold the car....lol. My '79 Olds had it's TH350 done at 115K, now have 137K on it, going strong. Just hoping my 86 Grand Marquis holds up, have 134K on it.