: I just repaired the A pillar saggy fabric

11-30-11, 01:38 PM
I couldn't take it anymore, I decided I had to attempt to repair the A pillar fabric. It was staring me in the face every day.

Here's what I had to look at

Not much to it. The driver side is held on by one bolt under the plastic cover and a couple clips and tabs. I was able to pry the cover off with my fingers. Just pull the pillar cover a little from the top to release the clips, then you can slide it back towards you and undo the tweeter connection. The passenger side is held on by 2 bolts that hold the Oh $h!t handle on. Same thing to remove the pillar cover once the handle is removed. Tweeters are just held on by 2 clips which are very easy to pop out.

Once I had the covers off, I had to pull back on the fabric a little to separate it enough to have room to get glue in there. The driver side was a little dinghy from water stains to I went ahead and cleaned it with Simple Green and dried it with a hair drier. The passenger side only had a few surface spots that I was able to clean with a damp cloth.

Here's the driver side after separating the fabric but before cleaning. After cleaning, it's still not perfectly clean but at least there aren't any watermarks. The edge is hidden that has that darker stain on it.

Next, I carefully sprayed contact cement (in a can) making sure to get it mostly on the plastic. I did accidentally squirt a little too much on the fabric, but luckily it's hidden by the tweeter. After letting things set for about a minute until tacky, I slowly smoothed the fabric back into place taking care to avoid wrinkles.

Here are the results

Time will tell if it holds up.

11-30-11, 03:35 PM
:thumbsup: Good job.

11-30-11, 04:19 PM
I think you guys with the water damaged A pillars have a leaky windshield. Good job on the repairs, looks good. I just believe this issue will arise again, if the leak is not fixed.

11-30-11, 04:38 PM
I also have stains on the headliner around the windows, I think a PO left the sunroof or windows open and it worked its way down the pillar from there. My ESV was not treated nicely at all by the PO. Very well could be the windshield since it looks like it may be on the edge that is against the windshield.

11-30-11, 04:58 PM
I need to replace my tweeters tonight, thanks for quick easy tutorial. :)

11-30-11, 05:01 PM
I need to replace my tweeters tonight, thanks for quick easy tutorial. :)

Shouldn't take you but about 5 minutes per side, and most of that will be finding the right socket for the bolts. I can't remember what size I used on the driver side, ended up using an SAE but think it's actually a metric size. The passenger side needed a 10mm socket.

11-30-11, 05:10 PM
Mine were a little further down past the speakers. I was going to do this but since GM offered under warranty I let them replace them. If it happens again I will do it. My wrinkles were from Sun not water. I checked it

11-30-11, 05:10 PM
Nice job and description :). I agree if no one left the sunroof open the the windshield is leaking, have not seen any Escalade's yet but several Tahoe's

12-29-11, 05:15 PM
For those that are out of warranty the part numbers for the LH and RH sides for the Opal Grey interior are as follows:

LH - 20962781
RH - 20962777

Both will come with the tweeters. I fixed the sag in both of the ones on our '07 but there was some discoloration and although it looked better the discoloration was driving me nuts. Dealer here in Houston had them in stock and they went in today.


01-08-12, 10:50 AM
Looks nice, think I will attempt to do mine also. Question though, the previous owner of mine bought it CPO, does this warranty carry over to me as well?

01-08-12, 12:07 PM
I've got to redo mine today. I picked up some real headliner glue. The spray glue lasted about 2 weeks in the sun before it gave up the ghost.

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