View Full Version : Lucked out!

11-30-11, 10:00 AM
My excessive traction/stability control "OFF" playing last week cost me only a future wheel replacement and a $110 four-wheel alignment.

The alignment guy said I got it pretty close, which isn't bad, seeing as I merely eyeballed it.

However... He sees leaky rear struts, which explains some of the ride issues, claimed front struts were starting to show leaks, and the LR wheel bearing is making noise. I'd been trying to ignore the wheel bearing noise....

Whew. He wanted to replace the toe link, of course, but there's more than enough adjustment left in it for years. I'll do it, eventually.

Now...to find a new rear wheel hub/bearing and rear magnetorhea-whatever struts. Ugh.

11-30-11, 08:24 PM
So dumb ? Do you have mag ride control? When you say struts leaking is that on a mag strut or regular strut? Just wondering if they are mag what the life is. tks

12-01-11, 10:56 PM
Yeah, I didn't specify.

Magnetorheological, i.e. MagneRide. The control is truly amazing, and it's nice to be able to firm up the damping at the push of a 'button'.

It's a nav screen control, so a 'virtual' button.

The MagneRide struts should last forever, but they don't. These have issue with leaks. Could be 30K miles, could be 90K miles (like mine), or it might never happen.

They're really, really expensive, too. Over $500/each for just the strut, but I'd hate to go back to "regular" dampers. Though, I am a huge fan of Koni. If Koni makes dampers for this Sigma chassis, I'd wager they're about as much as the MagneRide ones, however. Worth it, too.

Koni makes some amazing stuff.

I about freaked out when I found out new, to replace the OEM Bilstein shocks on our diesel-pusher motorhome, Konis were $800 for all four corners. However, it's like night and day.

The Bilsteins weren't leaking, they just couldn't control 28K lbs. properly.