: Best Wheel Cleaner/Polish?

11-29-11, 08:10 AM
I'm getting ready to put my DPE wheels on my car, and they have brushed centers with polished lips. The polished lips have some small water spots on them that I can't seem to get off. I've tried Zaino, Mother's Mag Wheel Cleaner, and a few others. I'm hoping there's something that some of you may have tried that works well that I haven't tried yet. So, let's hear the recommendations!


11-29-11, 09:25 AM
the best thing to get the spots off is some 0000 steel wool with a good metal polish used liberally. polish in one direction till it starts to turn black, then take plain old toilet paper wadded up to polish off the residue. after that, the best thing to do is try not to touch them with anything that isnt super soft. a finger with dirt on it can scratch bare aluminum.

here is a picture of a Bogart Drag Wheel that I used this process on. the brake dust was pretty baked on.


to maintain them, I really like the P21S wheel gel or the Sonax wheel cleaner.

11-29-11, 12:43 PM
Make site the wheels don't have a clearcoat on the lips before using metal polish. That would be bad times. If they are clearcoated, try a rubbing compound then a polish.

12-09-11, 07:41 AM
You can also try a clay bar.