: 2011 SRX Front End Noise

11-27-11, 07:25 PM
Hello all, my name is Josh and I am a new member but I am needing some help

About 85% of the time when you brake in our 2011 SRX and come to a stop the car will make a clunking noise. Sometimes it's one clunk and sometimes it is multiple clunks(best word I know how to describe it)

The first time I took it to the dealer, they didnt drive it but did a TSB on the suspension that made a hole a little bigger on some part (I can't locate the paperwork at this time) and it did not fix it.

The second time, the service advisor drove it and said the vehicle should not make that noise and replaced a bushing on the left side and it still did not fix it.

The third time, the service manager drove it and he also said it shouldn't make that noise and told me he drives a 2010 SRX. They then kept the vehicle for two days, and then called me and told me it is a normal noise.

I then had a district service manager drive it and he said since the noise hasn't gotten louder since I first heard it which was at about 3400 miles ( when he drove the car it had 3800 miles) that it is a normal noise and that the 2012s make a louder noise. I told him that the car doesn't make the noise all the time, it didn't start until 3400 miles and that I've driven others including a 2012 that doesn't make the noise. He then agrees to put me and my wife in a 2012. He said the price may not be exactly even but will be very close.

I then got a call from the dealer right before they were to go pick up a 2012 for me and stated it would be $8000 dollars for me to get in the 2012. My wife and I just want the noise to stop and we would be happy with our 2011 but we have seem to run out of options and now feel like we were lied to by the district service manager about the 2012.

Does anyone have any ideas on what to do? Otherwise I think I'll be contacting my attorney to get them to buy the vehicle back.

Thank you,


11-27-11, 08:01 PM
This sounds like the age old strut mount problem. Read the following post in its entirety.


It would be useful if you put your location and the trim level of your vehicle in your profile.

Does your state not have a "Lemon Law"? I would check that out before dragging your own attorney into it.

11-27-11, 09:03 PM
Sorry. I'll add that but for this thread it is a 2011 Premium and I am located in Oklahoma.

This noise does not occur just when it is cold out or the vehicle is cold. It happens quite often.

My state does have a lemon but an attorney is usually required to get anything done.

11-28-11, 07:23 AM
I had the same problem. Dealer replaced almost all of the front end, and it did not make any difference. Opened a ticket with GM, and is wating to hear back from them. That has been almost a month now.
For what it's worth the noise has gone away. I'll talk to dealer whenI go for next service.

11-30-11, 08:57 PM
First off take it to a better dealer, sounds like you are experiencing the clearance issue with the lower control arm rear bushing. If you can feel the noise in the floorboard with your foot then it is the bushing clearance. The noise can be pretty loud at times when stopping and also during parking lot manuevers. I have put brand new control arms on and have the noise return within 5k miles. Lately I have been removing the rear bushing and applying aluminum tape to the spindle that the bushing slides over. This takes up the clearance issue between the two parts. Hopefully a redesigned part is in the works.

12-03-11, 02:46 PM
Well I made contact with an acquaintance of mind, that works at a dealership two hours away and stated that there was a TSB on a front end noise and to replace both bushings. I called the service manager who had stated that the noise was normal and made him aware of this TSB. They agreed to take the car back in and replace the right bushing as they had already replaced the left one and so far the car seems to be fixed.

02-12-15, 07:38 AM
I have a 2011 SRX Premium and the car is headed back to the dealer for the second time for front suspension issues. The first symptom back in December, squeaking and suspension appeared to be more rigid over bumps as well. Took the car into the local dealer. The dealer replaced the front left strut and completed an alignment. Not sure how this action was determined relative to troubleshooting the problem? Since then the car is riding worse then before and the squeak still exists going slow over speed bumps and the car feels like it skips over minor bumps in the road. The ride was much smoother before this front end issue and we only have ~43k miles.