View Full Version : new member and 07 sts owner. plus lots of questions...

11-27-11, 06:24 PM
hey guys, just got an 07 sts.
are there any websites dedicated to modding sts's or cadillacs in general?
im looking to tint my tails light and headlights.
i also need info on rims and tires, such as bolt patterns and offsets and whether 20's or 22's will work.
it would be great if anybody can direct me in the right direction.
thanks, mike

11-27-11, 06:31 PM
this entire site will give you those answers. Just start reading previous post as those questions have been answered numerous times.


11-28-11, 07:55 AM
all i have to say about tinting your tails bud is give them a little sand first and clear coat after your paint them! i honestly wouldent do my own headlights but everyone has there style! 22s will fit the bolt pattern is 5x115 not positive on offset tho only reason i say they fit is look on cardomain and youtube have fun on here!

11-28-11, 09:05 PM
thanks for the replies