: Onstar Analog to Digital conversion

Lucien Wolf
11-27-11, 06:08 PM
Okay, so I like the Onstar service, especially the unlocking feature.

I don't like the replacement mirror that can't do any of the things I want, like the diagnostics, service reminders, and monthly checkups.

How much trouble would I be inviting for myself if I went for a digital conversion? Is it even worth it, or am I going to get the "Oh, we didn't sell you the stuff to upgrade, so we're not going to provide service to your vehicle" song and dance?

11-28-11, 08:41 AM
I believe the cutoff for conversion to digital was 2002. My car is a late '02 and barely made the cutoff.

The change is strictly a dealer-only package, sooooo.............

The procedure is to take it to a GM dealer and they get some info and talk to OnStar, who says "go or no-go". Then the upgrade equipment is ordered and you get a call when it's at the dealer. Takes a couple of hours to do. New module, transceiver and antenna. IF your car is able to be upgraded, you pay a year or two OnStar subscription and the install charge is minimal or none. You can also buy a talk minutes package at the same time. minutes come in 100 minute increments.....the 200 minute package is about $70 - nasty expensive on the cell phone order of things.

I don't think the basic subscription covers diagnostics and such..........that's not cheap.

FWIW, In our cars the old system used an antenna with the loading coil in the middle of the whip. The new digital system antenna has the coil much lower - near the antenna base.

12-23-11, 03:29 PM
It's not worth it trust me... The hands free minutes are ridiculous like sub said and half the things onstar brags about now on the commercials wont work with your vehicle.... For example the mobile onstar link that allows you to unlock/ lock your car with your smart phone only works with 2011+ gm vehicles .... Stupid I know... Now I do have onstar myself I pay like 12$ a month for lockout, crash response, stolen vehicle yada yada.... But for all the work and money it takes to do he conversion I say forget