View Full Version : Anything I should know about a 4-wheel alignment?

11-27-11, 12:46 PM
I clipped a curb late last week with the LR. Bent the wheel lip, which later broke when my stupid self attempted to straighten it. Should have just left it be...but no.

I adjusted the LR toe link enough to make it driveable, but it definitely needs a proper alignment. I considered re-doing it, myself, but I've done only front-end stuff in the past.

It's amazing what you can do with a tape measure, a carpenter's level, a Sharpie, and some trigonometry.

There appears to be a decent shop local to me, though I'll have to bring it in, tomorrow, after work. Anything I should look for/tell them about?


BTW, beware of 'playing' with the stability control 'off'. The N* has more power than you may think.

/forehead smack

11-28-11, 12:06 AM
I recently had the dealership do a 4 tire alignment. If my memory serves me, they charged me $100. Not cheap, but considering I had just spend a chunk a change on new tires, I figured it was worth it. Probably would have spent $85 at the local tire shop. Even if I new how to do it, I'm not sure I'd bother doing it myself. I stopped changing my own oil years ago. If I enjoyed doing it, it would be a different story but I don't. At times, I'll spend the the inflated costs to have work done at the dealership. If the dealership is reputable, it's worth it. But of course, I understand that is arguable.

11-28-11, 04:52 AM
Definitely tell them that you hit the curb so they can check for any bent suspension components; you may need some replacement parts before a proper alignment can be performed. Hopefully you just need some adjustment; and what are your plans to rectify the bent wheel? They should check for wheel run-out to make sure that is not contributing to the misalignment driving feel. Good luck with your repair.

11-28-11, 10:43 AM
Thanks, both of y'all!

Yeah, the first thing I did when I jacked it up was to check the wheel to see if it was still true. It is, thankfully, and it's nice to know other folks, C&C, think like I do. I mean, checking it in the garage is really rudimentary, but all you need is a spinning wheel and a fixed point just barely not touching the wheel's rim. Years of riding a road bicycle comes in handy! Though...I can't adjust these spokes to true it up.

I know, for a fact, the LR toe link is bent. I straightened it some, while still on the car, and there's more than enough adjustment to make things 'right'. With any luck, a local shop, versus the dealer, will work with me. If not, I can break out the measuring tape/calculator.... I really don't want to, though.

I couldn't get the toe link 100% straight, but it's much, much better than it was.

The bent wheel lip...I managed to break it off, so I'll swing by Discount Tire one of these days and have 'em compensate for it. Sigh. I'll be on the hunt for a used 17" rear wheel, looks like, though it's really just cosmetic. I can see putting a new tire on could be problematic, but these are still pretty new.